The void created by the ouster of Saddam Hussein who kept Iranian terror and expansionism at bay has not been filled yet. We better, to stop Iran, find her a worthy opponent who can confront the ambitious Mullahs with vigor and determination. As such, should we not point Erdogan, like a missile, at the Khameneist regime in Tehran instead of antagonizing him or pushing him to strike a deal with Iran?

Bloody hell, what happened to our cunning? Or is Iran the only country capable of such maneuvers when it beds Hamas for its own evil goals?

Yes, Erdogan represents everything we might dislike or even fear with regard to his Islamic tendencies, but antagonizing him makes us look like children when we cannot take advantage of his Sunni extremism to confront the Mullahs Shiite extremism.

Erdogan cannot be worse than Saddam. Although his Islamism does not sit well with many who prefer a secularist like Saddam, today’s rampant Muslim sectarianism demands that Sunni Islamists confront Shiite Islamists. As such, Erdogan is, if we consider his strengths and weaknesses, the best new Saddam we can cajole to stop the Iranian Mullahs from spreading their evil and terror across the region.

We are not talking confrontational wars here; but we are saying that Turkey should get busy confronting Iran and both spending their times outmaneuvering each other instead of Israel and Turkey wasting time with their enmities while Iran grows more dangerous by the day. Why can we not appease Erdogan, the way we appeased Putin in his fight against al-Nusra, to fight the Iranian Mullahs?

The chess board is set because of both countries’ positions with regard to Syria. The personalities of both Khamenei and Erdogan are as flexible as an elephant practicing yoga. Neither country see eye-to-eye except on the Kurdish issue, and it is the Kurdish separatism Israel is backing that is uniting Erdogan with Khamenei. Are we missing something here? What happened to Machiavellian planning?

Should we not point Erdogan, like a missile, at Khamenei and forget supporting the Kurds until Erdogan and Khamenei are weakened? Should we not stand with one against the other just long enough for both to clash? The region needs a new Saddam to confront Iran. How come we are wasting our time alienating Erdogan when we should partner with him for this task?

As Saudi Arabia set its differences with the Muslim Brotherhood aside for its own interests, so should Israel when Erdogan extends a hand of friendship. The danger of the Muslim Brotherhood, who proved incapable and unfit to govern, are dwarfed by the long-term danger of the Wilayat al-Faqih proponents in Iran.

Yes, the missiles Iran possesses are cause for alarm, but so is the ideology that lights the fuses of these missiles. We need to find another Saddam to confront the ideology, otherwise the region will only get worse.

Should We Not Point Erdogan, Like a Missile, at Khamenei?

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