Terror Free Syria Mission Statement

Terror Free Syria Mission Statement

Our readers often will find a myriad of ideas on our website that, sometimes, contradict each other. Often, though, they are consistent with our core beliefs. There is a good reason for our uniform expression. Some ideals change with the political landscape because of changing policies. Some ideas about a person or a policy fluctuate depending on their latest or newest position (i.e. Obama’s red line on, red line off). Some concepts force us to take a contrarian position because they have negative and indirect ramifications (i.e. Obama’s Iran Deal). Terror-Free Syria Mission Statement are a bevy of constant and changing positions.


Our constant positions on local, regional, and international issues are timeless and unwavering. They anchor us in our beliefs to provide uninterruptible delivery of either criticism or compliment. The task is ever more difficult because our feet straddle two opposing civilizations with few commonalities to celebrate. What may work for America may not work for Syria’s benefit, and vice-versa. Our Americanism takes precedent almost exclusively on any debatable issue (i.e. no U.S. troops in Syria even if they offer relief from the Assad atrocities).

We have set in stone the below Terror-Free Syria Mission Statement in the hope it might communicate a pragmatic and verifiable credibility to what we write. Our aim is to relay our position on one or more Blogs that sound contradictory at different times and under different circumstances.


We believe, or don’t believe, in the edicts of the following Terror Free Syria Mission Statement:

  • TFS Mission Statement No. One: We believe in a free Syria where Mosque and State are separated. Sharia and Hadith begin and end at the doorstep of one’s home or the Mosque. Once in public, all Syrians are Syrians; first and last. Religion is a private matter not to be imposed on anyone.
  • TFS Mission Statement No. Two: We believe the Syrian minorities should be protected but not at the expense of the rest of the population. We also believe that the Alawites of Syria, until freed from the Assad legacy and its violent tendencies, should no longer rule the country in the near future. Assad has fingerprinted the Alawite future using the blood of the innocent.
  • TFS Mission Statement No. Three: We believe violent dictators are the cause of cave dwelling Arabs and Muslims. Oppression begets terror, and terror begets oppression. Oppression begets ignorance, and ignorance begets religious cacophony. The sooner we abandon this vicious circle, the sooner Arabs and Muslims join the world community.
  • TFS Mission Statement No. Four: We believe Islam needs deep Reformation to join and be compatible with far more advanced societies. Today’s Islam is an antiquated religion incompatible with the ideas and social order of the majority of other countries. TFS encourages and supports reforming of Islam.


  • TFS Mission Statement No. Five: We don’t believe in the Palestinian Cause because it sucks the oxygen from our own Syrian Cause. Ours is to reform Syria to compete economically and politically on a regional basis. Another Palestinian State is another Assad Syrian one, full of corruption, cronyism, oppression, and religious zealotry.
  • TFS Mission Statement No. Six: We believe Israel is a blessing in the region because it forces Arabs to look at themselves with regard to their place in the world. Israel is a neighbor we should learn from, not annihilate. Whether dealing with advanced education, technology innovation, development of ideas, or capitalism to help a middle class rise. Don’t try and convince us otherwise, we are not buying.
  • TFS Mission Statement No. Seven: We believe Lebanon should become free from a militant and violent Hezbollah, but not free from Shia activism lobbying peacefully for their rights. We believe the Christians of Lebanon keep the country and the region sanely tempered. Their center of gravity is a beacon of hope for all the Lebanese people.


  • TFS Mission Statement No. Eight: We believe in sensible US policies that promote democracy and human rights without committing much treasure or meaningful troops. We will salute a U.S. President who calls a wrong, dealing with human rights and liberties, by its name. We will attack a U.S. President who does not. We will salute a U.S. President who shows leadership around the world. We will attack those who are cowardly or non-caring. We will attack U.S. Presidents who embrace policies that divide the country. The America we love is one that does not retreat when facing bad actors or countries.
  • TFS Mission Statement No. Nine: We believe Muslims and Arabs emigrating to America should look for their compass by embracing American values and culture. We should be proud of our Muslim or Arab rich heritage, but our new settlement dictate we respect the country that welcomed us by assimilating into way of life to include mastery of the English language. Objecting to a certain policy does not give us the right to reject the whole country. Go out and meet Americans, you will be surprised how kind and generous they are. Lobby to fix what you think is wrong. It is your right as an American.
  • TFS Mission Statement No. Ten: We believe the Iranian regime to be an evil doer with grand plans to blow up the region. Neither stability, nor peace can be achieved if the extremist Shia ruling Iran are not deposed through subversion or force. Appeasement of violent authoritarian regime perpetuates their brutality and terror. We have Barack Obama’s JCPOA as proof to back this statement.

Enjoy our website.

Terror Free Syria Mission Statement

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