Let’s start with some facts.

Arab dictators amassed lots of political capital when they deflected the attention of the Arab street from its miseries by pointing the finger at Israel. The charismatic Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt between 1952 and 1970, was the architect of this policy, which eventually led to even more drastic and intentional bad decisions. 

Behind this policy of demonizing Israel was the Soviet Union who used it as a Cold-War ploy not realizing where it might lead. 

As a result, Arab dictators who accessed to power on an agenda of democratic rule or reforms, as in the case of Hafez al-Assad, quickly became ruthless dictators who, because of Soviet training and Western in-response training, were able to maintain a solid grip unto power. They used our ignorance as a fishing rod and Israel as Blue Marlin. 

The result of the oppression of the Arab dictators turned the Arab population into two groups. Those who immigrated in search of freedom and opportunity and those impoverished who remained behind living under oppression and ignorance. 

As oppression tightened the noose around their neck, Arabs turned to religion as a way to express freely their frustration, and to Mosques as sanctuaries to protect themselves from the Police States they lived under. When they turned to Mosques, Imams vented their anger by promoting a new form of extremist dormant Islam, which in the 1920’s advocated for Jihad as the only mean to self-empowerment. It called itself the Muslim Brotherhood. 

The Soviet Union and the West, indirectly, created today’s Arab environments of Islamism. A new generation of Soviet leaders (as opposed to Russian leaders) still lives in the glorious past of a dead era thinking oligarchies are controlled Capitalists that can deliver the same results real Capitalism delivered to the west. 

Just in case these Soviet leaders are wrong, what better way to start a new Cold-War era to freeze the west while it searches for a solution?  This Cold-War is starting with Syria today.  

Now is the time for logic. 

The Muslim Brotherhood gained its notoriety by watching the magic of oppression catapult Arab Muslims into its lap. Anyone who thinks the Muslim Brotherhood will provide the Arab people freedom and democracy and allow them to escape its grip is simply a fool, or rather a dumb fool. This is no different than President Obama claiming he can win the 2012 elections without any fund raising and on the power of his charisma. If money wins elections, Arab oppression wins the Muslim Brotherhood perpetuity. 

But instead of defeating the Muslim Brotherhood, Arab dictators, who see their powers waning, are empowering the organization in the hope they can continue ruling by riding a wave. Take Qatar for example, ruled by men who believe they can use their money to spread the same ideologies that saw them rise to power or the Islamists who they partnered with. 

This brings us to Israel. 

Forget moderate vs. extremist, or Sufi vs. Hanbali. There are only two kinds of Muslims today. The Muslim who wants to see his people flourish and believes it can get done not only if he defeats the dark forces of extremism by allying himself/herself with enlightened and knowledgeable civilizations. 

Or the Crude Muslims that come in two flavors: Ignorant Muslims who are existent or remnants of the Arab dictatorships or the Muslim Brotherhood lusting for power through religion to continue a tradition of oppression and ruthlessness. When the US State Department empowers the Muslim Brotherhood, it is engaged in simply continuing the tradition started under the Arab dictators of throwing away good Muslims to replace them with bad ones. 

If you want true freedom and prosperity, learn how to accept everyone that calls for freedom and democracy starting with Israel. But if you want another dark era of ignorance and religious oppression, then be a Crude Muslim and join the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Therefore, Israel is the Litmus test for all Muslims in the region that defines whether you are for freedom or oppression, democracy or autocracy, human rights or abusers of rights. The discussion ends here and now. 

And let’s leave history out of this conversation because the dead cannot testify or decide for the living. 

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