Every time I read an article lamenting the good old days when Arab dictators, like Gadhafi and Mubarak, ruled, I get this sensation that all the books, all the experiences, all the learning, and all the investments made to understand Arabs and Muslims have just been thrown out the window because of a knee jerk reaction to the rise of Islamists. It”™s understandable but not sensible enough to change history for the better.

No one should underestimate the danger of Islamism and many do not. It”™s the common denominator between many different political ideologies that could never agree on anything else. It”™s an unstoppable danger and I strongly second that opinion.

The problem in that knee jerk reaction is that it maintains blameless all those who have opened the gates of hell to Islamist organizations, like the Muslim Brotherhood, by supporting their agendas. Whispers behind close doors certifying their qualifications by Obama Officials for one excuse or another should not go by the wayside by solely concentrating on lamenting dictatorship in the Arab world. The Middle East should not be viewed from the prism of wrestling a wolf to the ground by inviting a hyena to replace him.

The rise of al-Qaeda in North Africa and the Levant is directly connected to an Arab Spring the Obama Administration wanted to hand over to those whom they believed they represented their people. The ones that prayed, looked like Arabs, and acted like the Arab countries were all theirs and not ours as well.  They discovered they were all degenerate sociopaths interested in power and power only, which in the case of Syria, led Secretary Hillary Clinton to drop support for the Syrian National Council formed in Turkey under the watchful eyes of PM Erdogan in favor of a larger gathering the MB still has a disproportionate control of.

But the Obama policy is just a continuation of one that started in 2006 when a World Bank Executive, influenced by Saudi Arabia, stuck her nose in the Bush Administration charted course to promote stability in Syria. Unfortunately, the US State Department, at the time under the influence of Condoleezza Rice, obliged her. That”™s how the process of helping Islamists really began when the NEA at State funded Barada-TV with a $6m grant. It was operated by supposedly ex-Muslim Brotherhood members. If there are oxymoronic words you can rely upon in the ME, it”™s the words Ex-MB. A real Ex-MB is as rare as an Asian Crested Ibis.

In my humble opinion, the US State Department should have its doors wide open to the Arab League Members when discussing THEIR problems, but should be closed shut if to attempt to influence US policy in the ME. All of the problems we are facing today emanate from listening too often to countries like Saudi Arabia. More recently, Qatar has been one to push for support of the MB in Washington and if AQ is back trotting their terror, Qatar is as much to blame as the Obama policies in the region are.

Today, AQ in the Middle East views that support and the rise of the MB in Egypt engineered by the White House, as support for Islamization of the region. The combination of American retreat and support of the Muslim Brotherhood is so lethal, the Obama officials have yet to grasp how wrong their policies are. Their denial is compounding the matter because we have yet to witness a more sensible policy take shape.

Those actions emboldened AQ and while Obama spun his pictures of his leadership behind the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden and closed the file by telling the world War on Terror is over, AQ flexed its muscles in Benghazi as a reminder to America and Obama in particular. More recently, it flexed them again in Algeria because France, with its deep history in the region, knows it can only reverse Obama”™s policies if it takes the lead with boots on the ground. It”™s one western country fighting the foolish policies of another.

One cannot support Islamization of a nation and not expect AQ to rear its ugly head. It”™s an infantile policy that truly shows how Western policy makers sometimes are clueless about the region. Nonetheless, Islamization should not be the driver behind lamenting corrupt Arab rulers who drove the region into the laps of AQ in the first place.

What is the solution you ask? Here is my suggestion, which does not answer the immediate problems the region is facing today but I believe it is the right one to start setting in motion.

Every time I watch a video of President Obama speak, I wonder to myself: How many Obama-like Arabs and Muslims exist in the Arab world today? I am not talking about his policies, but rather about his communicative skills and the charisma to persuade millions no matter how petty or meaningless are his words. The reason they don”™t exist is because Arab rulers root them out and kill them immediately. Competition is not exactly Kosher in their field of work.

So now imagine for a moment the US grooming such future leaders the way the CIA grooms young Russians to spy for the US. But instead of becoming spies or Arab dictators ruling with a stick of dynamite in one hand and a whip in the other, they become true patriotic leaders with a full understanding how important western values are to building a nation. With their power and charisma, they will lead the nation to an active democracy instead of letting their people follow old-bearded men blindly with foolish promises no reasonable mind would embrace. He or she will pay attention to civil organizations, education, and the rule of law, instead of pilfering funds, killing their people, and abusing their rights.

At the right time, these groomed leaders are asked to yield the country back to the people. Once the west is secure in the knowledge the country has turned a corner by demonstrating that the rule of law is supreme and that Islam is a true religion, not a political party, then retreat becomes a choice instead of a necessity.

Lamenting Arab rulers with blood stains on their hands and coffers of Ali Baba hidden in their caves while their people suffer from poverty and exclusion is not the answer to extreme Islam. The problem has always been the laziness of the West to really develop long-term plans with real purpose instead of supporting corrupt Arab ruling families or Islamist organizations so dangerous to the region.

Bill Gates worked for his wealth, so why for heaven”™s sake do we accept this notion of hard work and success for ourselves, yet we let camel herders play with hundreds of billions of Dollars from money they stole from their own people and then expect the region to simply be all dandy? Accept somehow that those Arab rulers are not counter-intuitive to our own interests and the interests of their own people?

Bemoaning and regretting the good old days of corrupt Arab dictators instead of working on intelligent solutions is in my opinion the ultimate act of western laziness. It”™s as bad as romanticizing their work.

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