We Admit We Were Wrong

We Admit We Were Wrong

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Of the thousands of blogs on this website, nothing disturbed us more than those Blogs we wrote that hailed Israel as a democracy and condemned the resistance axis. After witnessing the Israeli genocide in Gaza, we admit we were wrong in how harshly we judged the resistance movement that Syria and Iran led, and how many free passes we gave Israel. Neither deserves the condemnation we so freely bestowed upon the roles of the countries standing to Israel, or the praise we bestowed on this new Israel rising that is demonstrably more violent and more of a terrorist nation than anyone could have imagined.

The Gaza genocide opened our eyes to what the new leadership in Israel is capable of causing. Even though during the previous Israeli administration, which less violent men like Ehud Olmert led, happened to have earned our praise. But the new Israel today that people like Benjamin Netanyahu, Itamar Ben-Gvir, and Bezalel Smotrich represent has become a terrorist nation, killing more innocent women and children in such a short time that it surpassed any numbers by any other country killed during other aggressive wars or civil wars. Today’s Israel is a nation that has lost its mind and its moral compass. It does not deserve to exist in this format when it kills innocent civilians and children with impunity.


The United States, a country of colonialist Europeans, and Europe itself with a long history of invading other poorer countries to usurp their natural resources, are at the heart of the problem in Gaza and the West Bank. Think of the problem as one clan of jungle gorillas invading another weaker clan to rape and plunder. This is what Israel represents today. Gorillas in a jungle, killing and plundering the Palestinians.

What is happening in Gaza is below the human dignity of our species. Israel is run by European gorillas who invaded the Middle East on the premise that God, an entity no one saw or heard, promise the Jews the Levant lands from the Euphrates to the Nile. It’s a fiction of Jewish imagination with one purpose: to steal what is not theirs.

There is no way we can sanitize their acts of terror against starving women and children, all to bring back 132 hostages Hamas is holding to trade Israel with over 6,000 hostages Israel is holding illegally as well. Who is right in this equation? Those who take Palestinian hostages to oppress and subjugate, or those who respond by taking Israeli hostages to free the poor Palestinians Israel has kidnapped in the first place?

If you don’t see the problem from that prism, then you are the problem.

So, we are on-board with the resistance movement until Israel returns to its 1967 borders. Nothing less is acceptable, and no Israeli lies and spin can deter billions of people from the new understanding they now have, thanks to Gaza, of the new state of terrorist Israel.

We admit we were wrong, and it’s time we fix our mistake.

We Admit We Were Wrong


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