Are you someone who remembers past facts, incidents, and history you lived and are able to compare them with today’s events to happen to the same people but with different actors involved? If so, then you should remember the MV Mavi Marmara Gaza Flotilla incident. An act of political aggression disguised as Muslim charity.

Compare that incident to two acts of aggression the Assad regime has been directly or indirectly responsible for against Turkey with precious loss of life.

The first was the downing of the Turkish jet fighter off the coast of Syria on June 22, 2012 that took the lives of two young Turkish pilots and the second was the act of terror in Gaziantep on August 22, 2012 that took the lives of 9 people and wounded 64 others.

On both occasions, the Erdogan‘s government in Turkey underplayed both incidents publicly; but not so for the Mavi Marmara where Erdogan‘s administration has been overplaying that accident for over 2 years culminating in a display of a one-sided trial. Erdogan simply forgot all about his two dead pilots.

You know, my grandmother was Turkish who was born in Gaziantep and had she been alive today, she would have sent a messenger to Mr. Erdogan‘s office with the following note: How about a trial against Assad and his aides Mr. Prime Minister? What kind of Turk are you?

Of course, I would have tried everything to stop her from disrespecting a Prime Minister who was chosen by his people in fair elections. Just trying to stop my Turkish grandmother would have been the most courageous act of my life.

Erdogan, What Kind of Turk Are You?

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