What the American public is unaware of is the extent President Obama has used the powers of his office to help the Syrian people avoid from death and destruction. Without his work, Syrians would have died by the thousands.

Here is the real story in pictures.

President Obama Signing an Executive Order to send Humanitarian Aid to Syria

President Obama signing an Executive Order to send Humanitarian Aid to Syria

President Obama in a Press Conference at the Red Cross minutes before the President donates his blood to help the Syrian children survive the Assad terror President Obama shaming a reporter who asked why the President is signing another Executive Order to send food and medical supplies to the Syrian people President Obama collecting funds to help Syrian families in distress and starving


President Obama signs an Executive Order to send weapons to the Free Syrian Army. When a Republican complained, Obama told him the US is an exceptional country.
President Obama calling world leaders to send humanitarian aid to Syria

President Obama, in a fiery speech, attacks the Republicans for trying to Filibuster a new Bill in Congress the President sponsored named “Save the Syrian Mothers and Their Children Act”. Heartless Republicans.
President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in anticipation of all the good humanitarian work he did for the Syrian people. Congratulations Mr. President. Well deserved!


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