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Looking back upon the era of Slippery Barack Obama and his politics, one cannot but wonder how did we let him get away with his defunct international policies we are seeing the results today in the form of more Syrian massacres of women and children and in the form of an emboldened Putin who interfered in our 2016 elections. Slippery Barack Obama could not muster the courage to confront Putin after he invaded Ukraine. Obama was so scared of Putin, he refused to arm the Ukrainians to defend themselves. Only a weak and a slippery Barack Obama is capable of such cowardice. The man should have become a professor at a prestigious school, not a U.S. President. Slippery Barack Obama was ill-prepared to handle that responsibility. Barack Obama is writing a book in which we are certain he is going to find these exceptional excuses; or possibly invent them for carrying out his dutiful policies. We cannot wait to hear his excuse for not arming Ukraine or for ignoring the Assad massacres. Iran wanted the Iran Deal more than we did. Had he been a better negotiator willing to use force, America could have gotten both the halting of Iran's nuclear program and Assad disarmament. Those billions Slippery Barack Obama sent Iran have caused the massacres of so many women and children in Syria. When it comes to Syrians fighting the terror of Assad, there is no love lost when it comes to Slippery Barack Obama. Many Syrians hate him with passion for letting Assad destroy Syria while he played golf.

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