Trump Supporter Average IQ
20 Mar 2019

Trump Supporter Average IQ is Below 90

There are two types of Trump supporters. The real genius or the average to borderline retard. You might say that a Trump supporter average IQ varies between 50 and 90, or is above 140. One day, the world is going to unmask Donald Trump’s grades and SAT scores, which will

Tulsi Gabbard Cover Story
19 Mar 2019

Tulsi Gabbard Cover Story Is Almost Comical

Tulsi Gabbard cover story seems to get more bizarre by the day. It is almost comical. Recently, the Democratic U.S. Representative from Hawaii has been in the news as opposing “Regime Change” wars. Which wars the United States is waging today for regime change, Gabbard would not say. The Presidential

Similarities Between Trumpism and Assadism
17 Mar 2019

Similarities Between Trumpism and Assadism

We are betting that you never asked yourself this important question lately: What are the the similarities between Trumpism and Assadism. One represents the ideology of the voted President of the greatest country, and the other represents the ideology of a self-imposed President of the most barbaric country since Hitler’s

8 Years of Death Destruction, Disappearances, and Displacements
15 Mar 2019

8 Years of Death, Destruction, Disappearances, and Displacements

Here is a quiz those interested in the fate of Syria should take. It really has one question. What is Assad’s legacy? If you said 8 years of death, destruction, disappearances, and displacements then you nailed it. You are now an expert on Syria just for recognizing what Assad’s true

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