The Struggling Souls of Free and Liberal Syrian Dissidents

The Struggling Souls of Free and Liberal Syrian Dissidents

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The United States values and spirit are in the best interest of Syria; but the Obama Administration is supporting the Islamists believing they will win in a purely democratic election. The administration does not realize Islamism leads to oppression (i.e. Egypt). This is about the struggling souls of free and liberal Syrian dissidents.

The Russian values and spirit are wrong for Syria; but the Putin Administration supports a non-Islamist secular outcome closer to our own belief system.

Democracy that leads to religious authoritarianism or authoritarianism that leads to violent secularism. These are the two options facing Syrian dissidents.

One can detect naivete on the part of Obama when it comes to a country-wide value system, and realism on the part of Putin when it comes to personal belief systems.

Ours is a struggle between a personal belief system and a country-wide value system.

In other words, we like the baker’s bread (Putin’s non-Islamism), but not his negative and wrong attitude (Russian Values) and we dislike the milkman’s milk (Obama’s support for Islamism), but not his positive and right attitude (American Values).

Syria has one enemy named Baschar al-Assad. But Syrian dissidents have two enemies, Assad and the Islamism he supports in Iran, both on the rise. Neither is fit for Syria (Violent secularism is as oxymoronic as democratic Islamism).

From these two crossing lines, Syrian dissidents try and make sense of the Syria we want and the Syria to happen in the midst of a war killing innocent women and children.

Syrian dissidents’ attitude is a reflection of our desperation to parry our foes (Both Obama and Putin) with two swords simultaneously when both parry with one each.

This sums-up this news website since 2008. Just one big struggle against two evil forces.

The Struggling Souls of Free and Liberal Syrian Dissidents


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