A Vote For Trump is a Vote For Putin

A Vote For Trump is a Vote For Putin

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In our opinion, the Mueller investigation of Russian interference into the 2016 elections revealed the real reason behind Russian intent, which is to cause divisions that could lead to a civil war. Who needs Facebook when Putin now has Trump to divide us and lead this country towards a war? In fact, in 2020, a vote for Trump is a vote for Putin, an ex-KGB officer with a chip on his shoulders against the US.


And Trump is too dumb to understand the role he is playing. With his inflated ego, he thinks he is the best US President ever. Better than Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Ronald Reagan, FDR, and even George Washington. For Putin, Donald Trump is the ultimate weapon to divide and destroy the nation that dissolved the Soviet Union.

Of course, the institutionalized politicians in Washington who support Donald Trump refuse to even consider this theory.  They all believe they are riding a wave of their own making and control. Until it’s too late.

For Putin, Donald Trump is the ultimate weapon to divide and destroy this country

Putin’s next move is to interfere in 2020 in support of Trump but also to support more progressive candidates emulating “The Squad”. After all, Trump’s echo must resonate in a chamber full of people to hate. Trump attacking them today is no accident. The more of them, the more divisions Putin will sow, and the more hate Americans will feel towards each other via Putin’s agent in Washington. Enough to drive this country to the brink of a civil war.


Our hope is that more Americans will awaken to this nightmarish scenario in time to fire Trump. If enough independent voters refuse to allow Trump the luxury of dividing us even further, then we would defeat him.  Incidentally, this country’s next election is between a Democratic candidate and Putin. Period.

In 2020, every vote for Trump is REALLY a vote for Putin.

Putin no longer needs Facebook or Twitter, he has Trump now to sow hate and to break this country apart using race and religion as weapons of mass destruction. For free.

So when Mueller said Russia is actively engaged in meddling into our political process as we speak, we believe he was referring to President Trump Twitter account

Furthermore, behind this intentional strategy lies another one: To weaken Jewish influence in America on a permanent basis. Because once the ruse is uncovered, Americans are going to also discover how much support and money many wealthy American Jews have contributed to electing Trump. This will only spark more antisemitism, which Putin hopes will cripple Jewish influence.


For the smart Jewish people, who are also always on the defensive against signs of persecution, it is dangerous to lend Trump unwavering support. Is it shortsightedness or ignorance? We believe, if Trump is re-elected, he will harm Jews irreparably. American Jewry needs to rethink the odds, which should take into consideration assumptions about Putin’s ultimate endgame.

American Jews who support Donald Trump need to consider the fallout from a Trump victory in the second term that could reveal tactics to drive this country to the brink of a disaster.  It is the sensible and logical thing for them to do.

Furthermore, Putin knows that the American Jewish communities could save this country from Trump if they get wind of what he has in store for America using his Marionette residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As such, his calculations include removing this possibility out of the equation by depleting any goodwill the American public harbors for America’s Jewish communities. Do you think his friendly nature towards Israel is real? He is playing the American Jews who support Trump the way he is playing Trump. By coddling to a vital goal of theirs: The prosperity and survival of Israel.


Remember what he did to Mikhail Khodorkovsky?

Remember also his antisemitism accusing Jews of hacking into the 2016 elections? Below is the video:

That was an unrehearsed moment of truth about who Putin really is.

Should the Jews in the United States not consider the possibility of Putin’s enmity towards them, no matter how remote it may be? Should they not worry that Trump might become their biggest liability causing hate against Jews to rise to levels never experienced before?

Just imagine what Trump would say or do when he is no longer running for office again


Or should the GOP not consider it may be outplayed no matter how solid our institutions are? Some of which Putin used Trump to weaken already. Like our intelligence services and our journalists calling them “The enemy of the people”, which Stalin happily adopted to go after his enemies.

There is something awfully wrong about Donald Trump occupying the White House we seem to ignore irresponsibly. It is imperative we stop the enmity of Vladimir Putin by stopping the divisive and dangerous rhetoric of this President. Putin is quietly breaking America apart while Trump, ever so clueless, thinks he is the master of the universe.

Just imagine what Trump would say or do when he is no longer running for office again. It will be open season on everyone using the most divisive issues of our times covering race and religion.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

A Vote For Trump is a Vote For Putin


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