BIG PRICE Trump Boasting is a Dud of Colossal Proportions

BIG PRICE Trump Boasting is a Dud of Colossal Proportions

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When President Trump tweeted, on April 8, that Assad use of chemical weapons will exact a”BIG PRICE“, the world believed this time the Assad regime has shot itself in the heart. Little did we know, after the April 13 attack, the regime only scratched itself. As it turned out, BIG PRICE Trump boasting is a dud of colossal proportions.

So, if attacking a terror regime with 100 missiles is a BIG PRICE, dare we ask what a SMALL PRICE might look like? If a BIG PRICE means attacking three dangerous military sites in a construct of hundreds of sites, what would attacking Assad’s military infrastructure mean? Maybe the President should further elaborate on this dud of colossal proportions the world just experienced.

BIG PRICE Trump boasting is a dud of colossal proportions Trump cannot see.

To make matters worse, the President went back to his Twitter account to claim “Mission Accomplished”.

Accomplish what exactly? That Assad will no longer use chemical weapons? That’s not a guarantee. Months from now, this mass murderer and psychotic Neanderthal may re-start his chemical attacks. Especially, if Russia installs an S-300 missile defense system to provide him the cover to carry out his gas massacres.

What about the massacres Assad executes using conventional weapons Iran and Russia supply him with? This, according to all signs, is not an issue the West cares about. The purpose of the attack was not to stop massacres. Watch how emboldened Assad is going to become after this fortuitous dud of colossal proportions green lights his genocidal mission.

Trump missed on a golden opportunity to re-shape the region by kicking the Russians and the Iranians out of Syria. By simply bombing three sites in Syria, Russia’s footprint in the region has developed into cement block no western duds will be able remove in the near future. Trump, indirectly, relinquished Syria to Putin the way Barack Obama relinquished the Middle East to Iran. It will be many years to come before this region finds peace and tranquility.

How will Israel respond to this BIG PRICE dud is uncertain. Behind closed doors, many Israeli officials, theoretically, are cursing the Iraq War, Barack Obama, and their luck with Trump. A trifecta that has lasted fifteen years. In those fifteen years, the threat to Israel’s security has escalated exponentially. This small nation is being suffocated slowly by a series of bad luck, bad wars, and bad U.S. Presidents. And unless the United States commits fully to reverse Obama’s empowerment of Iran, through military means, matters will only get worse.

In a way, Donald Trump is Lloyd Fredenhall. He just lost Syria to Russia the way Fredenhall lost the Kasserine Pass to Rommel’s forces in Tunisia.

Mission Unaccomplished, Mr. President. As long as genocidal maniacs are left free to kill humanity, and America, the exceptional country whose greatness stems from championing human rights, sits it out.

BIG PRICE Trump Boasting is a Dud of Colossal Proportions


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