When Arabs Hate, Arabs Become Iranian Gadgets

When Arabs Hate, Arabs Become Iranian Gadgets

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Among all the demonic alliances and the acrimonious enmities the region of the Middle East relies upon to keep the lights off, none is more bizarre, more contorted, and more farcical than the Hamas alliance with Iran. When Arabs hate, Arabs become Iranian gadgets.

I say this not because both are extreme in their religious nature on opposing sides of Muslim history. Indeed, I say it because of what one does in their spare time to confuse and manipulate the other.

It is a well-known fact that Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood ruling Gaza, considers Israel its enemy. At the same time, Hamas is in bed with Iran when Iran is fighting in Syria in support of Assad, a nemesis of the Muslim Brotherhood openly hostile to the organization.

Hafez al-Assad committed the most atrocious war crime in Hama in 1982 to defeat its rise.

When Arabs Hate, Arabs Become Iranian Gadgets

In fact, Syria, to this day, remains the only Arab country whose laws puts to death any member of the MB.

It is also a well-known fact that Iran has, as its top two goals, the spread and control of Shia Islam to all Muslim lands, through alliances (i.e. Syria) or by brute force (i.e. Lebanon), as well as the destruction of the State of Israel. What mixes the water of Hamas with the oil of Iran is more than just the success and existence of Israel as a reconvened and reconstructed nation.

Indeed, upon a closer look, the latter Iranian goal mostly achieves Iran’s former goal. Iran spreads its control by spreading hate of Israel, which is not so obvious to the average Arab and which turns Iran, under its present leadership, into a prime danger for all Muslim Arabs as it perpetuates the source that could lead to our own self-annihilation based on the destruction of others.

When Arabs Hate, Arabs Become Iranian Gadgets

Dispatching an Iranian monkey into space is nothing more than theatrics to fool everyone into believing Iran is an advanced nation. In reality, Iran today, is a third world country with a great potential to become such a great nation if it pursued peaceful means to achieve greatness rather than a twisted religious ideology conceived by men history forgot to close its books upon centuries ago. The Iranian people, like the Arab people, have such a potential laid to waste because of ignorance and malice. When Arabs hate, Arabs become Iranian gadgets

Setting aside the self-annihilation notion very few understand, how does one explain Hamas fighting against an enemy it cannot defeat? An enemy, represented by Israel, before it engages against an enemy it knows it can defeat, represented by the Syrian regime? The assumption it can defeat Assad rests on a hypothetical scenario.

The mystery thickens when you watch Iran dispatch missiles to Hamas. However, none of these missiles find their way into the Syrian theater to help its MB Syrian branch defeat Assad.

What gives in this relationship that has Hamas turn into a slave of Iran?

I believe the answer is simple. So simple, it is pathetic.

Iran believes an organization like Hamas is as stupid as they come because of the hate it cannot control; so stupid that Iran can twist its self-serving without even raising the slightest of concerns by Hamas leadership. The cunning Iranians believe that all Sunni Muslims are retarded, and so far, Iran has been right on the money given the behavior of Hamas as a tool to help Iran recruit more Arab Muslims for the Iranian Jurassic cause by attacking Israel while Iran helps kill more Sunni Muslims in Syria.

When Arabs Hate, Arabs Become Iranian Gadgets

Think about it for a moment. Iran helps Assad kill Sunni Muslims then assists the MB, whose own ideology of mixing personal and public behavior into conformity to control Sunni Muslims, to commit Hara-kiri by attacking Israel, which, in and by itself, serves as a primary recruiting tool for Iran to fool more Sunni Muslims into believing it addresses their grievances. Sunni Arab Muslims are just like gadgets as far as Iran is concerned.

The latest trip of Ahmadinejad to Egypt seeking an alliance confirms this concept further. When Arabs hate, Arabs become Iranian gadgets.

Why would Iran, using “resistance” as a pretext, believes it could actually muster such an alliance with Egypt based on the very same doctrine serving to kill Sunni Arab Muslims elsewhere? It is not the twisted logic of Iran; it is the imbecility of Sunni Arab Muslims. Does Morsi understand what Iran thinks of him and his brothers? I doubt it.

Iran is playing Sunni Arab Muslims like a fiddle. All because of the indefatigable hate and its immorality. Hate is so destructive, it is driving Islam to extinction. Why? Because it is yielding nothing more than reprehensible acts of violence Muslims commit in its name. Given the actions of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is starting to lead Sunni Arab Muslims to eventual irrelevance.

When Arabs Hate, Arabs Become Iranian Gadgets


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