Salon Assad Propaganda Article No One Should Read

Salon Assad Propaganda Article No One Should Read

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Salon, the over-the-counter (OTC) publicly-traded news magazine, is trading at $0.02 a share. From its year high of $0.10 a share. Now, we may know why the stock is tanking. Salon is unwittingly spreading lies about Syria in the form of an interview with a pro-Iran, pro-Assad propagandist named Sharmine Narwani written by the clueless Patrick Lawrence. The Salon Assad propaganda article should have never been printed.

In the third question of the interview that we recommend not reading, reporter propagandist Sharmine Narwani said the most incredible lies about Syria that we have ever read:

Starting in 2011, Assad issued decrees suspending almost five decades of emergency law that prohibited public gatherings. This was a big deal, as other Arab leaders were doing the opposite in response to their “uprisings.” Other decrees included the establishment of a multi-party political system, term limits for the presidency, the suspension of state security courts, prisoner releases, amnesty agreements, decentralizing down to local authorities, sacking controversial political figures, introducing new media laws that prohibited the arrest of journalists and provided for more freedom of expression, investment in infrastructure, housing, pension funds, establishing direct dialogue between populations and governing authorities, setting up a committee to dialogue with the opposition — many of whom turned down the offer.


These are all amazing lies. We challenge Salon and Narwani to show one shred of evidence of these reforms. Don’t you think Assad would have hit the global media airwaves to detail his reformist scoops? The man just butchered the people of Syria. Tortured kids as young as 13 years old. He never intended to reform his barbaric regime, nor to institute any laws that would ease the brutal hold his regime had on 23 million Syrians. This Salon Assad propaganda article is a blemish on real journalism.

Did Salon’s publisher check the voracity of her claim, or did anyone ask Narwani to show evidence of the Assad reforms? If Assad did anything, he simply killed. Any reforms he may have peddled, which we are not aware of any, were probably so full of holes no one took him seriously. Assad would never give up power unless he is deposed forcefully. That is the reality of the regime. Yet, Narwani sheds a saintly light on Assad, the man who gassed babies with sarin. The Salon Assad propaganda article is proof that news could be faked.

Incidentally, TFS covered the eight years of war in Syria as well as anyone. We were first to connect with FSA officers defecting. We were first to highlight their roles, and their expertise to the world. This is the first time we hear of Sharmine Narwani ever. Maybe because she was peddling such garbage from the onset of the war.

Sharmine Narwani invents history


She wrote in December of 2013 her first article introducing the Syrian conflict. Over two and a half years after the initial uprising. In it, she only blasts Salafists and King Abdullah of Jordan who dared call Iranian spreading terror in the region the “Shia Crescent”. Not one word detailing Assad crimes, brutality, or savagery. Not one article in any of her repertoire of pro-Iran, pro-Assad pieces did she write about the barbarism of Assad.

Just another denier of Assad crimes the way she is probably a denier of the Holocaust.

There are propagandists who twist words. Then, there are propagandists who invent words. Sharmine Narwani invents history.

Shame on Salon for publishing such garbage. Real journalism does not peddle propaganda. Unless the Iranians paid for it, that is, which we are not saying Iran did.

But, by golly, it sure looks like it.

Salon Assad Propaganda Article


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