Slow Syrian Israeli War Conducted Deliberately

Slow Syrian Israeli War Conducted Deliberately

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While officially at war, unofficially Syria and Israel have avoided an open conflict since 1967. However, to those who monitor the region know very well that there is a slow Syrian Israeli war being conducted deliberately in which the ultimate goal is to make Iranian occupation of Syria too expensive for the Khamenei regime of terror.

It’s a war that moves in months, not minutes and when compressed it can demonstrate a one-sided affair. Think of it as a boxer punching a bag where the boxer is Israel and the bag represents both Iran and the Assad regime combined.

The newly re-elected prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed that Israel will never allow Iran to run amok in Syria building missiles and threatening her citizens. True to his word, the longest-serving prime minister in Israel’s history, has been managing a decisive slow-motion war against Iranian hegemony in Syria.

In fact, he is probably the only world leader who saw Iran to be far more dangerous than ISIS. And rightly so. During this slow Syrian Israeli war, Netanyahu has began the journey to dislodge Iran from Syria single-handedly. Any retaliatory action on Iran’s part will unleash immense firepower the Syrian government cannot possibly survive. It’s like punching a torn boxing bag.

The tactic and its timing is brilliant because Assad is finding out just how utterly helpless his position has become. All he and Iran can do is to endure the blows coming one after the other to strip both terror regimes of any legitimate capability for Syria to harm its neighbors.


U.S. troops stand in the way at Tanf in Eastern Syria preventing Iran from connecting Tehran to Damascus; through a bridge of terror, that is. Any missile deliveries to Syria Iran is conducting, Israel is intercepting. Any missile factories Iran is building in Syria, Israel is destroying. These missiles have one purpose only: To strike Israel. The sooner the better if one can read the mind of supremo human being Khamenei and his cohorts.

This coordinated military effort, with one passive and one active partner, is delivering a good blow to Iranian ambitions. The slow-motion war Israel is conducting against Assad and Iran seems to be working. So much so that when Iran built its missile factories in northern Syria, Israel did not hesitate to strike them as well.


Assad has embarked on an ugly journey of revenge. He wants revenge against the citizens of Syria, which he is getting through his torture dungeons and systematic killings. He wants revenge against the west, which will start as soon as he re-builds his army; something the United States is preventing him from doing through sanctions. His revenge against America will come in the same form he has applied in the past in Iraq. One can summarize in three actions: suicide bombers, car bombs, and IED’s. Except this time around, the U.S. has its eyes wide-open.

Assad also wants revenge against Israel because he believes it was Israel who launched this fantastical uprising in March 2011 to unseat him from power. Never mind Assad often loses his faculties completely due to inherited psychotic episodes. He truly believes that the Syrian people stood up against his rule because they were told to do so. His dungeons of death and brutal oppression had nothing to do with the Syrian Revolution.

Iran is only delighted to satisfy his revenge urges if also permitted to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth. Except that Netanyahu stands in the way. Not far behind is Donald Trump who is crazy enough to unleash hell unto both Iran and Syria should the need arise. Mind you though, Netanyahu does not need the U.S. because his slow Syrian Israeli war is doing the job just fine.

The boxer is happy training and showcasing his skills while punching a torn bag.

Slow Syrian Israeli War Conducted Deliberately


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