Israel Attacks Missile Factory in Hama

Israel Attacks Missile Factory in Hama

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Israel attacks missile factory in Hama near the city of Masyaf by firing rockets while in Lebanese airspace. The attack took place early Saturday morning as Israeli jets thundered low through the skies of Lebanon.

According to the Syrian opposition, one of the targets was a factory “producing high-precision rockets in the village of al-Zaui”. The IAF also attacked the village of Sheikh Radwan where members of the Iranian and the Syrian military are stationed. According to the same sources, the attack killed two soldiers and injured 17.

This is the fifth time, since 2017, Israel attacks the same area the Assad regime calls “The Center for the Development and Production of Missiles”.

The Masyaf area is host to the Russian S-300 missile batteries. The defense system arrived after the downing, by allegedly Israel, of the Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft. The Iranian regime resumed its missile-manufacturing activities after the batteries arrived believing it is secure. However, the S-300 batteries did not deter Israel from attacking Iranian positions and terror-manufacturing factories.


The Syrian state news agency SANA reported that the attack destroyed several buildings and injured three soldiers. It also issued a statement claiming that:

The Israeli air force launched an attack from Lebanese airspace on a military target near the city of Masyaf

Historically, SANA usually publishes half the story when the Assad regime is embarrassed, which is often. It also glorifies and pads the stories when it suits the regime.

Since the civil war started, Israel has launched scores of military strikes against arms transfers and deployments by Iranian forces inside Syria. The strikes also targeted Lebanese Hezbollah positions. Both Iran and Hezbollah have blood on their hands for the mass killing of Syrian civilians.

Israel usually maintains a radio silence on any attacks it carries inside Syria. This attack was no exception.

Israel Attacks Missile Factory in Hama


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