Responding to Jimmy Carter Ugly Opinion

Responding to Jimmy Carter Ugly Opinion

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Jimmy Carter, the 92-year old ex-president, wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times titled “In Syria, an Ugly Peace Is Better Than More War“. We are responding to Jimmy Carter ugly opinion.

Turn back the clock. Read this hypothetical article published in 1940 in the New York Times titled “In Europe, an ugly peace is better than more war”. Hey Europe, the New York Times wants you to accept Hitler dominance over the continent. Who gives Jimmy Carter the right to decide the fate of the Syrian people while sipping Brandy in his comfortable lazy chair?

The Op-Ed is full of misconceptions, both naive and ugly, nonsensical ideas that have failed over and over again, and a doze of unrealistic expectations by a man who ushered the Ayatollahs in Iran.

Jimmy Carter Ayatollah Connection

Jimmy Carter’s ideas and policies were behind every U.S. solder who died in Iraq in IED’s manufactured in Iran by the Ayatollahs. Iran perpetrated the majority of acts of terror in the Middle East against our allies. Last but not least, we still face the specter of a nuclear Iran down the road thanks to Jimmy Carter and his non-distant cousin Barack Obama.

We find it truly unbelievable that a man with so many failures during his era is suddenly deemed to know what is best for the people of Syria. The Ayatollahs torture and execute about 1,000 innocent people every year. Why don’t you write about them, Mr. President?

Remember the 21% home mortgage Americans took out during Jimmy Carter four disastrous years? Even Salon, a left-leaning media, published articles about Carter’s devastating policies.

Responding to Jimmy Carter Ugly Opinion

The worst is when Carter writes:

In exchange for this [U.S.] re-engagement, Damascus should be required to enact reforms, though the West must keep its demands moderate. 

Asking Assad to enact reforms is like asking Hitler to seek peace. The naivete of Jimmy Carter is simply stunning. We are speechless. Carter has no clue about the nature of the Assad regime.

In the same paragraph, he further writes:

Additionally, the West should be prepared to contribute to the reconstruction of Syria, perhaps selectively by sector. 

In other word, let’s help Putin here who has been demanding funds from the West to reconstruct Syria. Is this considered colluding or what? No reconstruction funds for Syria before Assad departs. Maybe another dictator would rule, but no more Assad.

Mr. President, we would like you to spend a day in one of Assad’s prisons. Incognito. Maybe, you will then feel what every Syrian who has been in one of Assad prisons feels. Like this author. Until then, please spare us your wisdom. You have no idea what you are talking about because comfort to you, Mr. President, is a given. To us, Syrians, torture is a given.

Responding to Jimmy Carter Ugly Opinion


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