I’m not an expert on Iran and most of what I know is the result of the historical friction between Syria and Iran.

But when I really need to understand a certain matter related to Iran, I turn to Michael Ledeen’s page on PJ Media.

His latest article “The New Iranian Hostage Crisis” has such valuable information, it’s a must read.  It deals specifically with how the Obama Administration has begun negotiating with Iran before he even became President and all the ills, death, and destruction going on in Syria today are the results of this single focus Obama has to negotiate with our enemies.

The fact that Jihadists are growing in numbers by the day in Syria seems not to disturb the President at all. Even if he realizes his mistake today, it’s too late for Syria. However, given the latest Assad speech, it tells me Obama is as ignorant as he was when he was elected to Office in 2008.

Do you get the sense that Obama is a guide rafter who tells you it’s safe to go down this part of the river only to realize that where the guide has taken us there is a strange sound getting louder and louder? By the time you look at the rafter with questions to ask, you’re going vertical.

I feel the whole country is rafting with Obama and the sounds are beginning to make us all feel uncomfortable.

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