What is Wrong with the Middle East?

What is Wrong with the Middle East?

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Do you read articles or get emails from friends, which after perusing you ask yourself: What is wrong with the Middle East?

Here is a taste.

  • The secular Assad men are raping Syrian women, so will their nemesis the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Qatar is helping in Syria.
  • The UN elects to its Human Rights Commission some of the most outrageous human rights violators the world has seen.
  • Saudi Arabia opens the biggest center for inter-faith dialogue in Vienna, Austria but won’t allow anyone in the Kingdom to carry a Bible, let alone read one.
  • There was an Islamist Gaza Flotilla to help open borders for more goods in Gaza, but the same Islamists do not want a Western No-Fly Zone to save Syrian lives.
  • Arab tyranny fuels Islamic tyranny; but many believe we should fight Islamic tyranny with Arab tyrants.
  • The Emir of Qatar buys the most expensive apartment in London for 200 million British pounds, yet 40 million Egyptians have never worn a shoe.
  • Bashir of Sudan kills 300,000 of his people in Darfur, is officially convicted in an international court of justice, and the world considers a fugitive under international laws, yet the Arab League Members roll the red carpet when he visits Arab countries.
  • Israelis who seek peace are considered naive if they fail, and those Israelis who succeed in creating peace are considered warmongers by the naive.


  • The Arab societies are the most backward in the world, yet Arabs believe their biggest threat comes from Israel, the most advanced country in the Middle East.
  • The Iranian regime uses Arab extremists for its dirty work and fights them when necessary, yet the Arab extremists still think Israel is their enemy.
  • The Western officials the Muslim Brotherhood deceived are the very same people who will be deceived again tomorrow because of their naive nature.
  • Al-Jazeera supports democracy everywhere, except in Qatar.
  • The UN is outraged at 150 dead Palestinians over 3 week period and finds the votes for a Palestinian Statehood but cannot muster enough votes for a Syrian humanitarian corridor after 41,000 dead over a 20-months period.
  • From easytiger: The infidel Assad destroyed and burned many Mosques with thousands of Korans, yet not one Muslim demonstration in any Arab country. But when a Western infidel burns a Koran, we turn psychotic.

Honestly, what is wrong with the Middle East?

What is Wrong with the Middle East?


  • easytiger 7 years ago

    hey , you forgot when someone in the west burns the Qura`a , the Arabs/Muslems go nuts and do nothing as Assad burns and destroys hundreds of Mosques , how many Qura`ans being burnt ?
    here is another one ,, in Egypt , they love the Mullas because they bark against Isreal and they know who is killing the Sunnis in Syria !

    Now , when the (crazy/Ugly) Mullas of Islamic Iran barks about helping the Palestinians “recover” Palestine , do Palestinians know they have to convert to Shia`a Islam or die ?
    do Hamas Know that ? do Egyptians know that ? if they dont …..its a calamity.

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