Mattis Signaled Putin Weak American Military #RetireMattis

Mattis Signaled Putin Weak American Military #RetireMattis

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Prior to the Syrian pretend attack on the Assad chemical warfare assets, two camps inside the White House brought opposing ideas. NSA John Bolton wanted to hit Assad hard. Gen. James Mattis wanted to drop some firecrackers at his feet. Mattis won the argument, but America lost big that day because Mattis signaled Putin weak American military and resolve. We say it’s time to #RetireMattis.

America is no stranger to the lovefest between our President and Vladimir Putin; however, Putin discovered, after the Syrian attack fiasco, he has two solid friends in America: Donald Trump and James Mattis. Our Secretary of Defense, unwittingly, demonstrated our military limitations to our worst enemies. For all intended purposes, Putin knows how low, this administration, has set the bar. He knows he could get away with murder with the two trustworthy friends he has in Washington D.C. both of whom are unwilling to confront his terror.

John Bolton may have lost the argument, but America paid a BIG PRICE after its prickly show over the skies of Syria.

The President announced he wants to encourage foreign countries to purchase more of our American made weapons. CNN wrote:

Under the Trump administration’s new Conventional Arms Transfer (CAT) policy and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) export policy, private US defense companies will now be allowed to directly sell some types of conventional weapons and a broader range of unmanned drones to allies without having to go through the US government.

The problem with this tactic is that most buying countries want to see how well our weapons fare against Russian weapons. Syria was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our superiority. Donald Trump and James Mattis blew it big time. Both cannot connect the dots on this issue. Our defense contractors will get an earful from any foreign buyers. What use is to them buying a drone that can easily be shot down? What use are our hardware if their enemies, armed with Russian counter measures, can create uncertainty as to who the winner might be.

Get it, Gen. Mattis?

We believe it is time for Gen. Mattis to retire #RetireMattis. When Mattis signaled Putin weak American military, he has emboldened Vladimir Putin to do more, not less, to harm this country.

Compare Gen. James Mattis intellectual personality to that of Gen. Valery Gerasimov, the Russian Chief of Staff behind the Gerasimov Doctrine. His doctrine is a blend of political and military warfare that we are seeing practiced against the United States today. In fact, the application of the Gerasimov Doctrine against this country helped Donald Trump win the elections. We ask Gen. Mattis what good is Marcus Aurelius against this kind of new potent warfare waged on the battlefields in Syria and on Twitter?

Knocking out the Russian militarily in Syria would have given the United States commanding height. After eight years of sinister and timid Barack Obama era.

Mattis Signaled Putin Weak American Military #RetireMattis


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