Trump Putin Ass Kissing: To Build Trump Tower in Moscow

Trump Putin Ass Kissing: To Build Trump Tower in Moscow

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The era of Donald Trump is so similar to the Barack Obama times we wished it was over so soon. The two resemble each other. Barack Obama was beholden to the Mullahs of Iran to attack Israel by proxy. Donald Trump is beholden to Vladimir Putin but for a different reason. Trump Putin ass kissing has one goal: To build Trump Tower in Moscow.

A Moscovite Trump Tower he hopes would be in partnership with the Putin Oligarchs whom he anticipates would market the property well to make him some money.

Donald Trump is setting aside national security imperatives and forgiving the many terror trespasses of Vladimir Putin for his own personal future gains. That’s an unforgivable and certainly an impeachable offense. What is wrong with the Republicans in Congress? Suddenly, Trump over country, or Party over country, seems ordinary and normal to these elected officials.

Putin’s terror trespasses include of late: Poisoning an ex-spy on British soil, arming the Afghan Taliban to attack us in Afghanistan, committing atrocities in Syria to include bombing hospitals buried deep underground, and co-existing with the Mullahs in Syria in spite of their threat to our ally Israel. Trump is willing to ignore all the above to build Trump Tower in Moscow. Trump Putin ass kissing shows what kind of a man we voted for.

  • American state secrets? No problem for Trump. Just share them with the Russians for some ass kissing.
  • Hiring Russian agents in the White House? No problem. Paul Manafort is now my top gun. How is that for ass kissing Vlad? If that’s not enough, I am adding Roger Stone and Carter Page to the pro-Putin roster in the Oval Office.
  • Dispatch Ivanka to be a good host to Putin’s friends The Abramovich? Absolutely. Ivanka would make a bombshell of a P.R. impression. Perfect ass kissing move.
  • Meetings with Russian operatives after winning the election? Goodwill through and through. Sending all kinds of signals to Putin that I want our friendship to get stronger will guarantee me a Trump Tower in Moscow.
  • Hosting Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow to get closer to the centers of power? Great idea. I even have pictures with Aras Agalarov, one of your Oligarch money launderer, to prove it. I am hoping he would partner with me to build my Trump Tower in Moscow.
  • Hiring one of Putin’s favorite foreigners, Rex Tillerson, to be my Secretary of State? The ultimate Trump Putin ass kissing technique. Show Putin that I am willing to go the distance to build me a Trump Tower in Moscow.
  • What else can I do Vlad? I am now friends with Sergei Millian, Fedor Emelianenko, Felix Sater, and, of course, Aras Agalarov as well. Continuing on my journey of Trump Putin ass kissing to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.
  • I even have my son Donald Trump Jr. befriend a Syrian woman named Randa Kassis who is close to your Baschar al-Assad. What else can I do to kiss your ass my friend?

The secret congratulatory call Donald Trump made to Vladimir Putin, which was leaked almost immediately, shows that Trump is not giving up on his quest to use the Office of the Presidency to promote his business concerns overseas. To an average American voter, this may sound like treachery, but to insiders in Washington, this may be business as usual.

This could very well explain the deafening silence Congress is practicing to cover up Trump’s egregious behavior. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the real Washington D.C.

Trump Putin Ass Kissing: To Build Trump Tower in Moscow


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