Assad Dropped Chemical Weapons on Civilians? What Chemical Weapons!

Assad Dropped Chemical Weapons on Civilians? What Chemical Weapons!

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Take all the evidence Assad dropped chemical weapons on civilians in some 200 incidents (as published by Arms Control Association) and trash them. What chemical weapons! The West is already washing Assad’s linen.

The West has deemed it necessary to save the Assad regime fearing Islamist terrorists taking control of Syria. Islamist terrorists the Assad regime fostered with liberty forcing the west to accept his style of terror.

During the last seven years, the western orchestra played Beethoven’s tunes; sweet music to those Syrians suffering as many countries felt compassion towards them. Now, the same orchestra is beginning its Tchaikovsky’s repertoire with cannons blasting and church bells ringing; to celebrate Assad survival.

The latest report from OPCW tells us Assad did not use any nerve agent. What the report failed to mention are the countless delays Assad and Putin imposed on OPCW to decontaminate the site of their cowardly attack.

Thanks to OPCW, Russia now has a roadmap to use chemical weapons and get away with it by delaying OPCW access while they decontaminate and wipe out any trace of nerve agent use. Welcome to WWI barbarism, Putin-style.

It is almost a certainty Donald Trump will abandon Syria as a favor to Putin. Just as Barack Obama abandoned Ukraine, Poland, and the Czech Republic to Putin’s whims (The latter two lost their U.S.-installed defense shields). When it comes to the Middle East, with exception to protecting Israel, there is very little difference between Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Both have retreated in the face of terror when we had every chance to eradicate both the Islamist Sunni and Shia extremists and the Assad regime.

In the next few months, the old order will return to the region. Saudi Arabia would contain Yemen and Assad would contain Syria. What might happen to Iran in Syria remains a mystery. We are betting on Putin using Iran the way China used North Korea. To destabilize any regions around the world against U.S. interests. To include South America where Hezbollah has a strong foothold.

Just so our nutty president builds his Trump Moscow tower.

Assad Dropped Chemical Weapons on Civilians? What Chemical Weapons!


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