When Will the West Canonize Saint Assad?

When Will the West Canonize Saint Assad?

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In one of those historic moments when a simpleton media interviews a lipsticked wolf, French Paris Match has no match. The entertainment-centric, French “Life” magazine that started publishing during the Nazi era provided the butcher Assad a platform to spread his propagandist lies. The question on every Syrian mind is: When will the West canonize Saint Assad?

In the interview, which also the Associated Press picked up, Assad claims that Islamic State members caught in Syria will be subject to Syrian laws. If you were a useful idiot, you might say to yourself how wonderful of Saint Assad to take care of this problem. But if you were a knowledgeable amateur Assad historian, the first thought that comes to your mind is: When will Assad launch these Islamic State members he holds in prison, and against whom next?

Considering Assad has launched the Islamic State fighters in the first place and helped them gain control of Syria’s oil fields, Paris Match and AP ought to do some research before clamoring for Saint Assad. They ought to ask the question: Will he imprison these assholes for another day to launch them again? Maybe it is much asking of Paris Match whose pages glamorized Brigitte Bardot. But not of AP. Their editors are fully aware of what Assad can do with Jihadists lying low in his prisons the next time his regime is threatened for gassing innocent civilians.


Shame on AP. Shame on Paris Match for swallowing the Assad propaganda hook, line, and sinker. Assad seems to always attract the useful idiots to his side.

How much do you think Assad allegedly paid for this article that Régis Le Sommier conducted? If you think this is far-fetched, just call one of their editors and offer to pay $1m for a favorable article. We know it because we lived it. In fact, it was Paris Match that approached a well-known Saudi businessman to offer him an image-lifting article in return for a bagful of cash. This author played the go-between for no other reason than his knowledge of French and the acquaintance with the businessman.

Paris Match is not as important as AP glorifying and endorsing the Assad lies. Once again, AP plays nice towards men of extreme violence who only last year gassed innocent women and children. Wait until one of those IS members Assad releases next kills one of their reporters. It would be another “Desert Rose” moment for the AP editors sleeping at the helm.


Maybe the AP and the Paris Match reporters and editors forgot that Assad killed one of their own in Marie Corvin. Attempted to kill British journalist Alex Crawford in May of 2019. Maybe they forgot that Assad still holds Austin Tice hostage. Just this past August, the Washington Post wrote a scathing article about the hostages Assad holds in his prisons. What kind of moron western journalist glorifies a man who has targeted and killed western journalists in the past?

Did Le Sommelier ask about those Assad killed? Did AP write about Assad holding Austin Tice hostage? Maybe Le Sommelier should go grow wine instead and AP MENA editors should spend their next vacation in one of Assad prisons. Just to fully grasp how warm and welcoming the prisons of Saint Assad could be. Maybe then they would start a campaign to free Austin instead of glorifying his kidnapper.

Articles extolling the virtues of mass murderers and believing their lies happen because people lose their common sense. They forget the real goals of their profession and they ignore their moral compass. Maybe Assad can pay Paris Match to start a petition for his Sainthood. Considering the positive light they shed on a barbaric mass murderer, maybe Paris Match can pull some strings at The Vatican for Saint Assad.

When Will the West Canonize Saint Assad?


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