The Images That Triggered the Downfall

The Images That Triggered the Downfall

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A little over ten years ago, Baschar al-Assad of Syria, Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran met over dinner in Damascus. The drum-beating affair was a celebration of sort, and we believe the images triggered the downfall of all three.

All three posed gloriously for the cameras on this fateful February 25, 2010 to honor a region “without Zionists and without colonialists” as Ahmadinejad puts it. That year, they all realized that the dawn of President Barack Obama was one to surrender to their violence. And sure enough, the Syrian Revolution refuting Resistance, started a year later and Assad brutal response shocked the whole world.

Never write-off the United States and Israel


For those who have witnessed the elation of all three men in 2010, the message today is clear: Never write-off the United States and Israel. Do so at your own peril.

Yes, Barack Obama unleashed Iran in the region, but the self-corrections that occurred since 2016 have not only reversed the fortunes of the three terrorists, but all three countries — Syria, Iran, and Lebanon — are suffering either self-induced economic meltdowns or U.S. sanctions to cause them. Resistance to civility, democracy, and human rights is now synonymous with political survival.

The sanctions against Iran have turned their economy into an underground resistance movement as the Mullahs ruling struggle to overcome through secretive deals, front companies, and an ever shrinking list of willing partners. Inevitably, the costs mount when middlemen risk their necks out. And since oil prices have crashed because of the coronavirus, the Iranian economy is teetering on the brink. From the outside looking in, their economy has reached the same stage a drunkard reaches after downing rapidly 10 Vodka shots when his tipping point before falling unconscious is six.

Lebanon is facing a similar fate. Since Hezbollah has been instrumental in defining Lebanon’s socioeconomic as well as political goals, under Nasrallah’s tutelage, this tiny nation debt-to-GDP ratio makes it the third most indebted nation. For the first time in centuries, the Lebanese people are now going hungry. Unfailingly, the conclusion for the Lebanese is simple: Don’t mix religion with politics. A lesson Lebanon is learning the hard way. Unfortunately.

Lebanon debt-to-gdp ratio


On June 17, 2020, and for the next five years, the U.S. has introduced into law the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act. Its impact has already devalued the Syrian Lira to levels never seen before, which helped trigger protesters in Sweida to demand for Assad removal. Unlike 2011, the regime is bankrupt, and it has lost the will to squash the demonstrators.

Over the last nine years, Assad has grown tired fighting to remain in power. The atrocities he committed, and for which he has yet to pay the physical price, include gassing women and children and bombing hospitals, schools, and markets.

If you compare the collage of images displaying a triumphant trio of 2010 with today’s images of Assad or Nasrallah, you will understand who really won. Hint: Neither one of the resistance axis. In one form or another, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran have melted into oblivion. It will take decades to recover from the economic disasters and the wanton destruction of Syria. Meanwhile, the new Caesar sanctions will keep countries like UAE tending to their camels instead.

Wonder if the leadership of the three countries can still afford to whiten their teeth for more photo-ops.

The Images That Triggered the Downfall


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