What Have the Sunnis of Syria Done to Deserve Ethnic Cleansing?

What Have the Sunnis of Syria Done to Deserve Ethnic Cleansing?

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Under Obama’s watch, a horrific regime of minority Alawites is ethnically cleansing the Sunnis of Syria. To Assad, Sunni women and children matter as much as a twice-worn pair of shoes his wife Asma throws away routinely. Ethnic cleansing by Assad also begs this question: What have the Sunnis of Syria done to deserve such horrors? What exactly can the Alawites of Syria accuse the Sunnis of?

There is no limit to the acts of horror Assad is willing to commit to remain in power. And for what? So he can detain, torture, and kill more Sunnis and Syrians from every denomination, as he, and his father before him, have both collectively done for 42 years. The whole Assad system is faulty and very few Alawites, and sometimes Syrian Christians who support Assad, ask the tough questions that need to be asked or recognize how unnatural the Assad regime is.

What is the purpose of supporting a regime that terrorizes its own people? Where will this lead the nation and its people? How could a regime like the Assad regime benefit Syria in the long run, with its rich diversity and history?

That Sunnis believe in Omar and the Alawites believe in Ali should be a reason to celebrate Syrian diversity, not cleanse it from one group to benefit another.


Is the ethnic cleansing the result of Sunnis employing Alawite maids in the post French Mandate era in their homes? OK, so did the white man in America employ African-American women as maids. How could such part of our history, easily rectifiable through dialogue and recognition of the Sunni errors, warrant such demented and deranged measures?

Is the ethnic cleansing taking place because Sunnis populate the majority of Syria? If this is really the main reason, then the problem will result in one people liquidating another. How can any reasonable person think otherwise?

What is it that the Alawites of Syria want from the Sunnis? Forgiveness for employing their women as maids? Fine, where do we sign to stop the ethnic cleansing.

To rule for 100 more years so that they can oppress, detain at will, torture, and kill when it pleases them?

To pocket all of Syria’s resources and leave the crumbs to the Sunni majority? Unless, of course, you support their actions as a Sunni and benefit with larger crumbs.

To commit the republic to a perpetual state of terrorizing others in their name?

Or, maybe to commit the republic to support al-Qaeda, Hezbollah’s terror and their Iranian masters, and every rogue country on this planet in their name?


What do the Alawites of Syria expect from the Sunnis after what the Alawite Assad regime has done to them?

Deliver their necks to the Alawite chopping blocks?

Forgive and forget what the Alawites have done over a 42-year period? Did the Jews forget the horrific acts committed by the Nazis against their people? Why should the Sunnis forget or even forgive? Where are the wise Alawites to stand up to Assad to encourage the Sunnis to forgive?

Did the Nazis tie the hands of the Jews behind their backs and opened their throats with sharp knives while they were still alive? Then they filmed the horror to encourage others to duplicate? Is this how the Alawites of Syria wish to be remembered? If not, why are they so complicit with Assad?

The Alawites and the Christians supporting Assad must pause to ask these tough questions.

This is not a sectarian civil war pegging Sunnis against Alawites; this war was caused because of the oppressive nature of the Assad regime. When the people revolted, a peaceful uprising was met with even more violence. It’s really hopeless to think Syrians will co-exist with another Alawite regime or any Alawite in a position of power. Many of the Alawites in Syria today are incapable of understanding how utterly amiss the system is.

This is a civil war to seek justice against the Assad regime. Syrians mutinied for equality, and they will only stop when equality and justice are anchored in a New Syria.

Meanwhile, the ethnic cleansing by Assad will eventually lead to the ethnic cleansing of the Alawites. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable. Only the wise amongst us will do anything to stop it.

What Have the Sunnis of Syria Done to Deserve Ethnic Cleansing?


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