As Jabhat al-Nusra exacts acts of terror revenge upon the Alawite sect around Homs, Syrians facing their terror are calling for reconciliation.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

?Hussam al-Hassan, a 28-year-old Alawite soldier who hails from Jaboureen, speaking of the deal to let rebels depart Homs, said, “We are with reconciliation but not at our expense.?

Al-Hassan was referring to lifting the siege of Homs laid by the Assad regime, which starved people to death.

Permitting women and children to eat is being painted as ?reconciliation? by the terrorist Assad regime.

If Syrians truly want reconciliation to have any meaning, the Alawites of Syria should deny Assad power the same way many Syrians are denying Jabhat al-Nusra any support. Saving Syria from the terror of Assad is as important as saving it from the terror of Jabhat al-Nusra.

Reconciliation while Assad remains in power is impossible, and unless Syrians collectively accept this reality, terror will continue on both sides. Eventually, 2 million Alawites will suffer far more than the 350million Arab Sunnis. Not just because it is a number game, but because Syria and the region cannot afford to bask in a one-religion, one-sect, and one ethnic group oppressing another for eternity.

Syrians no longer fear Assad. To control Syria, Assad has no choice but to kill and terrorize, which will only be answered by more terror against the Alawites.

Most of Jabhat al-Nusra fighters are foreigners. When united, Syrians will be able to chase them away. However, who will chase Assad away if not the Alawites themselves?

The sooner Syrians realize Assad and his clique have to be held accountable for their crimes, the sooner true reconciliation will take place.

Not the ?reconciliation? Mr. al-Hassan speaks of or the freeing of prisoners Assad has no right to capture in the first place.

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