To Understand Assad, Start By Understanding Obama

To Understand Assad, Start By Understanding Obama

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Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Mr. Obama wants Assad to survive to continue ruling Syria? Even if Assad commits the most atrocious of crimes against humanity? To understand Assad, we must all start by understanding Barack Obama.

After all, did Obama not save the Iranian Mullahs in 2009 by refusing to support freedom in Iran? Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind of why Obama opened a channel with Assad the next day in Office? Right after the Guantánamo hoopla, signing its closure ceremony? Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Mr. Obama prefers to see Soviet-style governments and Islamists rule instead of free and democratic societies? Furthermore, is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Mr. Obama has a hidden agenda of harming our allies and protecting our enemies? We should have guessed his real motives when he returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the British Government, or when he cancelled the Missile Defense Shield stationed in Poland without any negotiations.


To really understand Assad, start with understanding Obama. Assad resists the west, so does Obama. How did we elect such a man in the first place? So weak on foreign policy in pursuit of the interests of the United States.

Nothing will stand in the way of his re-election. Not genocidal maniacs, not nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists, and certainly not another more honest and more successful candidate with a proven record of success. Obama’s vision is being rammed down our throats in live theaters, and we are all too shocked to realize what this man is doing.

This is America we are talking about. This is not some Third World country that can afford to pile its mistakes and hope for the best. We are the best.


Was Obama not caught saying on live microphone to Medvedev that he will be “More flexible during the second term?”. He cancels the Defense Shield, he protects Assad, he hammers our allies. Everything that Putin would have done.

This Trojan Horse of a President has entered through one of the smallest cracks a democratic society can exhibit by getting elected to the highest office during a period of absolute daze, anger, and inattentiveness to details. Just like a Tornado touchdown, Mr. Obama has landed and before us all is a trail of his destructive force. Putin must be laughing his heart out.

The DNC is stuck with him, but will not regret losing him in 2012 to try to regain control in 2016 with Hillary Clinton. There is no way Hillary can win in 2016 on his record.

Shame on you if you fooled us the first time, Mr. Obama, but shame on us if we let you fool us again. In the words of Clint Eastwood, it’s time to “let him go”.

To Understand Assad, Start By Understanding Obama


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