Thug Putin Ruling Thuggish Russia

Thug Putin Ruling Thuggish Russia

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Nothing like reading about the criminal elements of a country to understand its culture and purpose. Such is the state of affairs in the old Soviet Union where an FSB agent, trained to ignore rules, laws, and societal orders, has hijacked the country to the delight of the criminals operating within the FSB structure. Thug Putin ruling thuggish Russia is the best way to describe this anomaly of a nation.

If Abraham Lincoln wrote in his Gettysburg Address about “government of the people, by the people, for the people”, Putin implemented in Russia a “government of the criminals, by the criminals, for the criminals”.

Just read this article in the New York Times about the criminal elements in Moscow Putin permits to run wild and undisturbed. If your jaws do not drop to the floor half way through it, you are not human.


Here is a taste:

As closing day approached, the couple had one task to complete. Each would need a certificate of sanity from a psychologist.

This is a real estate transaction where “sanity’ is required to sell or buy a home. Say what!!!

This certificate of sanity to sell or buy a home is the spark criminals use to rob Muscovites of their money.

This is the state of a real estate market plagued by “black realtors,” unscrupulous sales agents who use a variety of ploys to separate Muscovites from their money or property in the largest city in Europe. Russian media coined the phrase and described the agents as akin to criminals working a real estate black market, in a city where $29 billion in residential property is sold every year.

In one common scheme, agents collude with property owners to sell homes and then race to petition judges that the sale should be invalidated because the seller was temporarily insane. Buyers lose their cash, sellers keep the homes and sales agents — and judges who may be in on the scheme — pocket millions of rubles. Buyers may sue to reclaim their money, but the asset that may be the most lucrative for recompense is the apartment, and that is out of reach. Laws routinely protect homeowners in these kind of disputes.

Even the legal system, supposed to protect from criminality, is part of the criminal system thug Putin ruling thuggish Russia has purposefully installed in Russia. Why would Putin encourage such criminality, you ask.


In the old days, during Hafez Assad era, army and air force officers would seek “spoils of war” after each operation – like invading Lebanon. Hafez would turn them unto the population to seek their spoils.

This is still happening to this day in Syria if you read this article about the fate of an old woman traveling through Syria’s checkpoint the Wall Street Journal wrote about her fate. Halfway through, Assad’s army stripped her of all her money. She ended up on the side of the road with her luggage and belongings waiting to be rescued by someone.

Thug Assad acting like his master thug Putin ruling thuggish Russia.

In Russia, for example, for sending mercenaries to Syria, Putin most likely rewarded the oligarch behind the operation by unleashing his criminals unto Muscovites. Thug Putin ruling thuggish Russia created in his own image.

If Vladimir Putin is willing to harm his own citizenry, one can imagine what he would be willing to do to other people. Like the Syrians dying from his firepower and the Americans being manipulated by his interference to vote for unsavory characters in his own spitting image.

Europe fears Putin’s criminality the way the Ukraine fears his. Yet, the world welcomes him as a statesman when he is but a petty thug working on a world stage.

Any wonder President Trump likes him? From one criminal mind to another?

Thug Putin Ruling Thuggish Russia


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