Trump has a history of underage girls accusing him of rape, and several instances of showing desire for very young  girls. Maybe Putin taped Trump underage Moscow escapades with GRU duplicity providing the bait. Maybe this is why Trump lauds Putin so often. To keep the information secret.

This begs the question of whether Donald Trump, the Make America Great Again architect, may actually be providing intelligence to Russia in return for secrecy. Could it be the open secret the intel community dares not to express because it lacks the proof of his Moscow capers?

Nothing can bring Donald Trump down. Not his antics, not his divisive rhetoric, or his confrontational style against well -respected people. He is made of Teflon like no other politician.

There is no way, however, Trump could survive such a revelation. Every American would either revolt or stand at a distance from him to include his own family. Trump knows it and so does Putin.

Why would Ivanka Trump seek a promise from her father that he would not date women younger than her? Is it possible she wants to protect young girls from his predatory tendencies?

Maybe Putin taped Trump underage Moscow escapades

For those who are familiar with the GRU (ex. KGB) tactics know well that one of their bread and butter devious schemes is to provide foreign dignitaries with underage children. It is by far the most effective way to exploit them once they are guardians of secrets and policy. The CIA knows it, and so do the other numerous U.S. intelligence agencies. Their hostility towards Trump is based on a patriotic duty to protect the country from a Putin onslaught on our democracy.

Trump supporters are clueless, of course. They truly believe that Trump is the victim of a witch hunt as Trump himself casts doubt upon the Mueller probe repeatedly. Just like Putin casts doubt about meddling in the 2016 election process.

If true, there is little hope we will ever become witness to any leaked tapes soon. Trump is towing the Putin line. He is obediently carving his way to keep such secrets buried forever.

Does that mean we should accept this grave risk without taking any action? By assuming a man’s innocence over the greater good of a whole nation and its policies? This is the question many should ask themselves. Shall we ignore Trump’s pedophilic possibilities and be truly sorry later, or shall we impeach in the hope that, if wrong, we did it to protect the nation from unimaginable damage?

Maybe Putin taped Trump underage Moscow escapades

This is too important a subject to sweep under the carpet just because some Americans refuse a White House led by a Democrat. The story rises above politics of Republicans vs. Democrats. This is about America, which Putin is avenging for Ronald Reagan’s dismantling of his beloved Soviet Union.

We say impeach. Putin could not possibly have baited Pence.

Maybe Putin Taped Trump Underage Moscow Escapades

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