Only a Russian Caesar Act Would Humble Putin

Only a Russian Caesar Act Would Humble Putin

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With Putin in power until 2036 and starving Syrians, Russia is back as the old Soviet Union and Putin is the new Stalin. Anyone who believes Russia is our friend, as President Trump believes, they need their heads examined. As Congress voted for The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act, Congress needs to draft and vote for the US Political System Protection from Russia Act, in which we slap the most penalizing sanctions on Putin and his oligarchs. Only a Russian Caesar Act would humble Putin.

Until we have a brave U.S. President to realize the danger of Vladimir Putin as he attacks this country and our institutions, we are sitting ducks to the ugliness of the old Soviet Union. Putin views the United States as Stalin viewed East Europe. A mass that needs to submit itself to Russian power. Such he can achieve by breaking down our institutions.


Putin has interfered in our electoral process in 2016, and he is doing it again in 2020. Only a Russian Caesar Act would humble Putin.

America is still paying for Barack Obama’s wimpy policies. Even after grasping what Russia was up to in our 2016 elections, he reacted by hitting the road for votes for Hillary. His was the action of a blind President who never comprehended the dangers of our enemies. Not the Islamists terrorists he gave rise to in Syria when he ignored the Assad atrocities, and not the Iran Deal, which gave the Mullahs the green light to invade Arab countries and threaten Israel. Did Obama really think Israel is going to role over just because he is that naive and sinister?

Because Obama was incapable of confronting Putin, and because we have a U.S. President today who is enamored with his wealth and power, we must re-calibrate our clock in 2021 by coming out of the fence jousting and lunging with such force to stop Putin cold. And in our opinion, only a Caesar-like Act to severely sanction his regime can do the job. The United States must paralyze Putin’s economy the way he is paralyzing our political system and our interests in MENA and Europe.

This is a corps-à-corps fight that will not go away.


Our first step is to disrupt and rupture our Russian mineral dependency. The US imports some 20 of its most needed precious metals from the likes of Russia and China. When, in fact, the U.S. shelters, west of Colorado, everything we need to manufacture the products we need. Especially those our defense industry cannot abdicate, and if that creates a difficult environmental retribution, we must replace Russia with other exporters.

Obama could not do it, and Trump won’t do it. But someone must.

Once the United States secures other importing outlets, Congress must move swiftly to limit Putin’s capacity to harm the United States. This is not a Republican or a Democrat issue, rather it is a United States national security issue.

Up to now, our Homeland Security apparatuses have been unable to effectively halt Putin’s activities. The Cold War tactics of yesteryear can no longer carry our water. The U.S. strategists must develop new ones to protect our democracy, and we believe a Caesar-like Act against Putin will be an effective weapon in our arsenal.


All one has to do is monitor the number of times Russia has invoked her veto powers at the U.N. to realize Putin’s aggressive postures.  Since 2007, when we elected Barrack Obama, Russia used its veto 23 times as compared to the U.S. using it 3 times. The subjects and the countries covered all four corners of the globe. From Syria to Bolivia to Ukraine to Zimbabwe. Putin is using the veto power as often as the Soviet Union did.

This demonstrates without a doubt that Russia is using all the tools at its disposal to weaken American resolve; to include breaking down our democratic institutions. We can no longer sit idly, or vote for a U.S. President too weak to act. Or one who views Russia as a future bank account.

Putin is winning this slow motion war of attrition, which is catching our politicians cold footed. Their inaction is detrimental to this country.

Only a Russian Caesar Act Would Humble Putin


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