The Nine Dangers Facing Syria

The Nine Dangers Facing Syria

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The nine dangers facing Syria, and the Middle East in general, have multiplied ever since President Obama has relegated the priorities of USA international interests way behind other priorities such as domestic issues, labor unions, and health care.

Losing sight of our interests abroad is inexcusable.

This downgrade has increased the dangers to Middle Eastern countries and opened new wounds that have been successfully kept buried with strong USA influence.

The Nine Dangers Facing Syria

As far as Syria is concerned, the nine dangers facing Syria, our country of birth, are coagulating quickly causing many deformities to erupt. Here is, by order, what we believe is a comprehensive list of the nine dangers facing Syria:

  1. Assad and his men of violence stand at the top of the heap. Nothing is more of a priority for the Syrian people, Syria’s neighbors, and the West than to depose the Assad terror entering its 43rd year in 2013.
  2. Obama’s watching Syria from behind and stubbornly believing that his agenda to save the world from American neo-colonialism (Freedom to the rest of us) is the right course. Because of his narcissism, by the time he figures he is wrong, “too late” would be the only words anyone can muster the courage to utter.
  3. Extremist religious organic organizations (The foreign ones are temporary tourists of terror), which, if left to metastasize, could and would be one of the biggest nine dangers facing Syria. Immediate and sizable foreign Jihadists help eradicate the number one danger, so patience with strong containment policies are necessary at this early stage.
  4. The Muslim Brotherhood organization looking for legitimacy to rule by blending an extreme form of Islam with modern governance to produce a Vatican-like permanence to control Islam and its spread into Christendom. Long way to go for their goals to materialize, which makes holding their anchor as their ship tries to leave the port a must.
  5. The bad Iranian extended influence over the region, which even if it would look like shrinking with the fall of Assad, must be further contained and weakened to the point of implosion. No country in the region can afford Iranian-style religious zealotry to spread like a virus leaving behind a trail of destruction and ignorance.

The Remainder Nine Dangers Facing Syria

  1. Continued killing of innocent civilians to include women and children, which is cementing a new culture of hate among the average youth in Syria, will have wide social repercussions after Assad is removed affecting the very fabric of Syria’s future chromatic vision.
  2. The spread of sectarian divide, much of it happening while Obama is observing Syria from behind, which has the potential to ignite the region into one vast multi-regional war to make all the present collective African conflicts look like children on a playground. Sunnis vs. Shia lives on after 1,400 years of conflict, which, because Obama has not attended to by helping to remove Assad quickly instead of waiting for Putin, is equivalent to releasing thousands of tons of nuclear waste in open air.
  3. The ill-afforded influence members of the Arab League have over the future of Syria’s leadership and overall systems of government to mirror their authoritarian inferiority. Civilizations building the tallest skyscraper without the societal brain power to innovate locally is a civilization trying to extend artificially its short shelf life, which by extension, would also be trying to shorten the lives of long established civilizations.
  4. Splitting Syria into multi-States all facing each other, many without resources except raw anger, and all against one another till death do them apart. This is a nightmarish scenario and no matter how one slices it, the outcome goes from ugly to uglier and from unpredictable to dangerously unpredictable, which would deal mostly with a combined US retreat and more vociferous Muslim nuclear-apt countries willing to end the conflict on their own. Unlikely? Maybe, but is the risk worth it? Absolutely not.

Solutions, Please!

What is good for Syria you ask? Here is our short, really short list too.

  1. Democracy, Freedom, and Human Rights by one of two methods:
    1. Democracy with a stick (Liberal and minority-controlled army facilitating and protecting democratic rule because it’s in everyone’s best interest), until such time rule of law and compromise become part of our lexicon, or
    2. Federalism to separate hate, sectarian conflicts, and protect the minorities with sensible solutions set by a central government with men and women committed to Democracy.

What are the chances for Obama facilitating this scenario? Less than zero.

What are the chances it will happen? Only after America helps Syrians try everything else and we fail miserably in each and every single approach.

Churchill went through such a similar experience with America and it looks like we will too.

The Nine Dangers Facing Syria


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