An Observation About the Dichotomy of Christians in the Levant

An Observation About the Dichotomy of Christians in the Levant

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Our last Blog seems to have irked many Syrian Christians who wear a Syrian-American oppositionist hat for a while, then begin providing excuses of why freedom and democracy are not for Syria. They do this after meeting with US Government officials and switching between different opposition groups like a Wahhabi switches between his wives in order to collect information for the Syrian regime benefit. In fact, they never left Assad in the first place. Not to digress, we have an observation about the dichotomy of Christians in the Levant with regard to both the Syrian and the Lebanese civil wars.

In their emails to us, they cite today’s events in Syria as if they started yesterday between Assad and al-Qaeda. To them, videos of children dying in the arms of their parents or videos of Assad men slit the throats of men while hands tied behind their backs and still alive are normal routine. By the way, this is exactly how al-Qaeda killed Danny Pearl of the Wall Street Journal. Maybe it does not bother some to hear this, but we are certain it bothers many Christians who understand this is not what they wish for; yet, many support a regime that acts like al-Qaeda and kills like al-Qaeda.

We truly pity these weak souls. What they don’t realize is how cheap they sold their precious Christianity to the devil and along with it the lives of so many innocent minorities who may perish because of them.

But this is not the reason for this Blog.


The dichotomy we allude to here deals with what the Christians of Lebanon fought for during the Lebanese civil war. As opposed to what the Christians of Syria are fighting for today. In Lebanon, they fought against Palestinians occupying their country. They fought as national Lebanese fighting against occupying Palestinians. Compare this very important observation to what the Christians of Syria, siding with Assad, are fighting for today.

Ours is a sectarian war, not a war pegging nationals against invaders or occupiers. A sectarian war against some 18 million Sunnis vs. a non-sectarian Lebanese civil war against 100,000 very much disliked Palestinians.

In the Syrian Civil War however, there are no celebrations because there is no end; the war will freeze-frame once in a while before it loops over and over again. That’s the ugly side of sectarianism. It has the memory of a perpetually alive elephant. Just ask the Maronites of Lebanon what happened in 1860 to grasp my meaning.


We urge the wise among you to think about these numbers very carefully and the difference between what the Lebanese Christians fought for and what will the Syrian Christians endure if they continue on the same path. It will be a long time before images of the Assad carnage are forgotten; and this, my friends, is what will eventually defeat him.

Latakya will be the New Jerusalem for Muslim extremists.

In the case of Lebanon, the Christians were supported by every Arab ruler because none wanted to lose control over the Palestinians from an Arab League instituted fate; but in the case of Syria, the Christians will be fighting the same Arab rulers who want to clip the wings of Assad in order to weaken Iran. The Christians fighting with Assad will be their road kills.

Consider with us how tragic this would be for Syria, Lebanon, and the Christian communities in the Levant and North Africa!!!

An Observation About the Dichotomy of Christians in the Levant


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