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 It first started with an agreement to work together. The Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Syrian National Council (SNC) that is.

But when the FSA understood the real purpose of the SNC and the Muslim Brotherhood elements in control of SNC’s destiny, which is to share power with Assad under a plan conceived by the government of Recep Erdogan and Qatar, the FSA contacted elements in the opposition it deemed more in agreement with its own policies and goals to liberate Syria from Assad. Because of that move, the Erdogan government blocked their bank accounts. Let’s give this opposition the nomenclature Opposition A.

Sensing danger, the SNC went back to the FSA and struck another agreement, which had a more impact in the press but one that was not worth the ink used to seal it. The agreement in essence took control of the FSA. The FSA leadership had no choice but to sign it to unblock its bank accounts in Turkey. 

However, Opposition A assisting the FSA continued its work from Europe and even inside Syria with the elements fighting on the streets. It ignored the SNC agreement signed with the FSA because it realized that the FSA leadership has signed this agreement while under immense duress.

Because of the efficacy of Opposition A, the SNC concluded how futile it was to take control of the FSA under the same leadership. So, it concocted a plan to replace that leadership by an Assad loyalist named Brig. Gen. Mustapha al-Sheikh who suddenly defected to join the FSA (Remember that the plan to share power with Assad remained the only viable option absent a western military intervention). Assad imposed al-Sheikh on the SNC and the SNC agreed to it.

How do we know al-Sheikh is a plant?

Al-Sheikh, while still in Syria, was in touch with another opposition group we shall call Opposition B. He gave the impression that he was for regime change by any means possible. Upon “defecting”, Opposition B was shocked to find out that al-Sheikh now blocked any attempt for military intervention. The whole al-Sheikh episode is a ploy to pull the rug from under the real FSA leadership.

To insure control of the FSA, Assad dispatched with al-Sheikh his own ready-to-wear team of loyalists and established control of the FSA by forming his own military council that excluded initially Col. Riad al-Asa’ad and Col. Ahmad al-Hijazi, the real FSA leaders whose popularity on the Syrian street reminds me of the one enjoyed by President Charles De Gaulle in regard to his position against the Vichy Government and as a hero to the French Résistance.  SNC, unless it changes course, is today’s Syrian Vichy.

Few days ago, both sides represented by Col. Riad al-Asa’ad on one side and Brig. Gen. Mustapha al-Sheikh on the other met in Turkey to iron out their differences. We dubbed that meeting “The Fists Nacht” because it ended with fists flying. The SNC, with the Islamists leading behind the scene, had no choice but to resort to an internal coup reminiscent of the Assad style of governing to finish-off the FSA leadership. But their popularity was not transferrable unless both Colonels played ball.

Meanwhile, the FSA leaders were not sitting idle. It appointed to be its spokesperson a young and beautiful lady in Paris, France who comes from a prominent Syrian family and whose name is Lama al-Atassi (In this video, she appears at the UN to dispute the events leading to Assad’s massacres in Homs). Her liberalism rubbed the SNC the wrong way and they have been attacking her ever since.  

So, the SNC took control of every source of power either Asa’ad or Hijazi enjoyed. The FSA has been forbidden, with the Arab League total approval (Excluding King Abdullah of Jordan whose position on Syria is the pride of every Syrian), from appearing on any Arab media (Al-Jazeera and al-Arabya).

BBC Arabic hosted Ahmad al-Hijazi right after “The Fists Nacht”. He decried the real goals of the SNC. A day later, Col. al-Asa’ad spokesman issued a statement on Facebook distancing the FSA from the SNC and calling for military intervention.

Incidentally, that information has been ignored by the western media as if it never happened. Those entrusted with the spreading the news have figured it out already: They do not have to worry about their women’s human rights.

Today, the SNC has taken the steps of holding the real leadership of the FSA hostage and the admins of their web site, I am told by a source, has flipped to the Muslim Brotherhood side after they were allegedly bribed (One of them lives in Qatar).

The SNC fully understand that without the FSA on their side, their organization is as dead as a sea shell in a Libyan desert. What is the use of claiming to be the Syrian opposition if the Syrian street stands against you?

Those facts have started appearing on the Internet due to the good work from some oppositionists who see the SNC as a treachery and a tool in Qatar’s pockets. They know that without military intervention, Syria will suffer more casualties without any possibility of Syrians defending themselves, something the SNC seems oblivious to. 

An Islamist lad from the SNC named Ahmad Ramadan who worked in South Lebanon with the Hamas Quds TV station and who is a member of the Amal Movement in Lebanon (Even though South Lebanon is a Hezbollah fort) suddenly became enraged upon seeing an article appear in the Kuwaiti al-Seyassah newspaper (Kudos to those free Kuwaitis) citing a brave oppositionist named Ahmad Joma and written by a lionhearted journalist named Hamid Goriafi recounting the history and dirty maneuvers of the SNC to buy the Syrian street popularity.

The SNC is sensing that its devilish machinations cannot withstand the scrutiny of other oppositionists who are loyal to the wishes of the Syrian people. Personally, the organization reminds me of a watermelon, 10% nutrients and 90% water.

In conclusion, while the Syrian people are dying, the Syrian opposition is clearing the air, western policy makers seem at a loss for a viable answer to the violence in Syria short of a potent military intervention, and the Russians are threatening as usual. No matter what happens, the videos will still be streaming from Syria showing the atrocities of a regime whose men were beamed into this century from the Middle Ages.

Just imagine how good it would have been for Syria if the Arab secularists in control today were not a bunch of barbaric terrorists and the Arab Islamists were not a bunch of terrorists, turned exclusionists, and added the title intimidators to their most recent résume as well.


  • Isaac Moubazbaz 12 years ago

    Excellent article, an eye opener. I read of all the changes in various Internet sites, but could not see the real picture. Your analysis makes it crystal clear. Maybe you should have this article published on Facebook, in both English AND arabic, so that every one could have access.

  • ليلى 12 years ago

    جيد جدا
    يجب أن أضعها على صفحتي على فيس بوك مع ترجمة أهم ماجاء فيها

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