A Muslim and a Jew in the Desert Meet a Muslim Brotherhood

A Muslim and a Jew in the Desert Meet a Muslim Brotherhood

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This is a hypothetical story of a Muslim and a Jew who meet a Muslim Brotherhood ideologue. If the Muslim Brotherhood ideologue comes across a thirsty moderate Muslim in the desert and asks him if he believes in peace with Israel, what do you think the MB ideologue will do if the moderate Muslim says I believe in peace? Ignore him, offer him water, or shop off his head?

Same scenario but the MB meets a Jew. What would the MB ideologue do? Ask whether the Jew believes in peace with Egypt or shop-off his head first?


The MB cannot fool people anymore than it can fool itself into believing it can govern Egypt and succeeds in building a nation with hate as its primary motivation. Hate for Muslims and Arabs if they do not agree with its ideologies and for the Jews no matter what they do.

This article published by Reuters and published in Egypt Independent entitled: “Muslim Brotherhood mixes pragmatism, ideology on Israel” simply demonstrates that the MB will never be able to govern because its eyes is partially on Israel instead of being fully on Egypt’s problems. Its failure is our success, but who can wait five years?

Inheriting the problems that come with governing 50 million shoeless Egyptians and still talking-up hate, or whether peace with Israel should be pursued, shows just how ideologically driven the MB is. There is nothing pragmatic about an organization that ignores its rampant poverty at home to discuss war.

If any Muslim seeks peace with Israel, the MB will chop off his head. If a Jew walking the desert meets an MB and tells him he is leaving Israel for good, the MB would still mince him to pieces.

For heaven’s sake Reuters, it’s about hate, not about pragmatism. Pragmatism and extremist Muslims never meet.

A Muslim and a Jew in the Desert Meet a Muslim Brotherhood


  • Isaac Moubazbaz 11 years ago

    As long as you have preachers on TV distillating hatred and telling the people that Jews are the cause of their problems there will never be peace in the Region. Unfortunately this does not seem happening in Egypt alone, look at Saudi Arabia and at other Arab/Muslim countries, the hatred is spelled out everywhere 24/7…

  • Don Cox 11 years ago

    Religious types prefer the mass of the population to be poor, ignorant and easily led. There is no reason for the MB to try to reduce poverty. (Likewise the Catholic church.)

    They will be concentrating more on finding ways to make sure they never lose an election.

    • Don.. I am a proud Muslim who was educated in Muslim schools then in Catholic schools and whose children were educated in Presbyterian private schools. Peaceful religions are not to blame for poverty.

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