The New Enforcer in Chief Next Four Years

The New Enforcer in Chief Next Four Years

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Washington is settling into a state more resembling a morbid scene from a Gustave Moreau painting than the exultant Capital of a Democracy having just exercised its right to honor its leaders. In Washington, we are mid-way through the new enforcer in chief era.

Before us persist grand problems that are, in our humble opinion, disproportionate to the qualifications of those we have been entrusted with them to solve.

On the domestic front lurks a fiscal cliff (Automatic taxes and spending cuts) dependent for resolution on an MIA bi-partisan effort; as well as possibly the Benghazi Hearings sure to increase tension and animosity.

On the foreign front lurk many more serious issues because of pursued international policies yielding more problems than solving ones (Transparency lacking in this administration). With no more elections to be concerned with, the President of the United States will act as if beholden to no one. To those who think he wants to write his legacy according to their own values, think again. His real values will be as clear as sunshine the next four years.


For the sake of addressing some, here is our take on what to possibly expect in the next four years from our new enforcer in chief.

  • When Syria’s Assad finally exports fully the sectarian war he started to neighboring countries, President Obama will secretly delegate the matter to the Muslim Brotherhood to solve.
  • When Syria’s Assad kills another 10,000 Syrians in the next six months, President Obama will secretly call Ahmadinejad to invite him to dinner at the White House.
  • After Iran downs another Drone to show the US who is boss in the region, President Obama will dispatch Air Force One to fly Ahmadinejad for his dinner at the White House.
  • When the Iranian people, once again, rise against their own government, President Obama will secretly ask Ahmadinejad to stay over in the Lincoln Room at the White House.
  • When Hezbollah kills more pro-western politicians in Lebanon, President Obama will secretly ask Hassan Nasrallah to join him for a chat at Camp David.
  • After al-Qaeda, or its surrogates, attack another US post in North Africa, President Obama will secretly order an investigation to be led by Morsi of Egypt.
  • When the Egyptian people rise against Morsi of Egypt for his incompetence, President Obama will secretly ask Erdogan of Turkey for his take on Morsi.
  • When Hamas obtains a chemical weapon from Iran, President Obama will secretly ask Russia and China to help investigate.
  • After Israel threatens to bomb Iran, President Obama will remove the battery of Patriot Missiles in Israel.
  • When Russia’s Putin invades the Ukraine, President Obama will promise to be less flexible with Putin.
  • When the UN asks for President Obama’s support to replace the US as the leader of the world, President Obama will impose a new UN tax on US businesses, households, and tourists.


If there are any objections over these policies, President Obama will take to the microphone and explain he has a clear mandate from the American people. No regrets please.

The new United States of America welcomes you to its new political system of bottom-up social organizers, self-appointed, math-ignorant wealth distributors, intellect field-leveling specialists, and repudiators of exceptionalism.

In the new America, everyone crosses the line in a race together, holding hands. Everyone wins equally and there are no losers.

Eventually, one presumes, our DNA will adapt according to the lowest common denominator.

The New Enforcer in Chief


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