For at least the next four months, the Levant will be in deep and unsettling turmoil because the axis of evil (Assad, Hezbollah, and Iran) know that if Obama wins, he won’t lift a finger to stop their carnage and if Obama loses, it will be another four months before Gov. Romney is able to exercise the powers of the Executive Office. As of now, America has entered a twilight zone where its total absence means the region will be facing a very disturbing carnival of death.

Judging from the lack of international support to fully and effectively arm the Free Syrian Army and judging from the Arab League duplicitous and insidious plan to stop the Arab Revolutions at the doors of Damascus, there is a sense that Jihadists entering Syria is less of a problem than it is made out to be. That priority seems to be less important than the top priority of bleeding Iran of its resources by supporting a cause in Syria Assad cannot win while the West helps the FSA just enough not to lose against Assad. Syria‘s war has become the mother of all stalemates.

It matters little whether impoverished mothers and children get dismembered horrifically, and it matters even less if Cluster Bombs are being used systematically against civilians. I know that many Arab rulers, like Hamad al-Thani of Qatar, sleep with their conscience suspended in mid-air but what I did not know is how well President Obama sleeps even though the most connected President in the world must have seen the horrific videos of what Assad is capable of doing. That’s the part also many Syrians I talk to cannot wrap their minds around. They ask me: How could a community organizer so abjectly sanction unnecessary and horrific death just because he wants to negotiate with Iran, in and by itself an oxymoronic exercise if we judge by how conclusive the Iranian diplomatic initiatives with America have been?

As Obama negotiates with the Mullahs, Iran and Assad will continue to spread violence and terror to pressure Obama into an untenable situation. That’s the heavy price of appeasing violent regimes.

How could Obama, a President who speaks of humanity as if he fathered it be so oblivious to the one million Syrian refugees, or the tens of thousands of Syrian casualties and forced disappearances, or accept so easily that women and children get slaughtered? He is not even contemplating a humanitarian corridor. That’s undoubtedly is his crowning achievement in foreign policy.

How could a sitting President whose race suffered so much at the hands of ignorance be so oblivious to the fate of others?

Why is it that people who suffer tremendous and violent injustices tend to become the torch holders of the very same injustices carried out against others? I am speaking of the Russians and the Chinese whose own experiences, be it at the hands of Germany or Japan, should have been a lesson in how to administer fair and equitable justice but instead turned those experiences into the spitting image of the butchery carried out against them.

Even when their own history is unjust, countries seem to easily forget any lessons learned. Stalin killed 20 million of his own people just to stay in power and today Putin is aiding and abetting Assad to kill at will.

During the next four months of stalemate we will see more killing, more bombings, more targeted assassinations, and more violence in the Levant than ever in its modern history. The region is burning and Obama thinks he should get another 4 years in office.

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