Could Kurdish Missiles Be Fired at Khamenei’s Palaces?

Could Kurdish Missiles Be Fired at Khamenei’s Palaces?

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The more Iran expands today, the less likely we will be able to dislodge them in the future. It is time for some deadly Kurdish missiles chemotherapy.

In light of the second missile attack by the Houthis in Yemen, a proxy of Iran, against Saudi premiere targets in Riyadh, it is high time to consider how to attack Iranian premiere targets inside the country using Kurdish missiles by proxy. It is high time the Iranian regime get a taste of its own medicine.

Easier said than done. Kurdish missiles means a series of complicated but necessary U.S. policy changes.

First and foremost, we must recognize the Kurdish peoples’ right for a homeland with precise but flexible borders to include territories in Iraq, which are already outlined, and territories in Syria, which could be recognized if there is enough will in the Trump administration to make it happen.

Trump was bold on moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. He could be as bold when it comes to the Kurds.

Secondly, we must extract from the Kurds the will to fight for their country and future territories in Iran proper in return for arming them with mobile missile batteries they need to use. Considering that we have this nasty habit of going back on our words, the Kurds deserve more than promises. They would require it for the risk of attacking Iran.

Thirdly, we must stand by the Kurds by equipping them well to defend themselves the way the Mullahs equipped the Houthis.

Once those policies are set in motion using the powers afforded by the President of the United States, the Kurds would become our proxy forefront in fighting Islamic terror at both ends of the candle: Sunni and Shia terror. Their liberal streak and secular disposition makes the Kurds our most valuable ally to inflict pain upon both terror groups.

As Saudi Arabia is equipped with defense missile technology, so are the Iranians protected using the Russian S-300 defense systems. Arming the Kurds with American-made Kurdish missiles would kill two birds in one stone:

  • Send a strong signal to Iran that the Obama era, with its horrible Iran Deal, is over, and
  • Send a strong signal to Khamenei how potent our Pershing and Jupiter missiles could be.

What would constitute a high value, fear-ridden target in Iran?

For one, any of Khamenei’s numerous palaces left mostly unprotected. If Iran wants to fire its missiles at the Riyadh palace, then the Kurdish missiles should be used to fire at any of the 12 Khamenei’s palaces around the country. Let Khamenei spend the ill-gotten $150 billion Barack Obama gifted him to spread terror to protect his manicured gardens and volley ball courts.

One destroyed palace would make Khamenei think twice before firing another missile at Saudi Arabia, Israel or any of our allies in the region.

It is about time we make the Iranian Mullahs pay for the policies of Barack Obama that brought us to this point. It is time we strike fear into this ideological enemy spreading chaos and terror in the region. It is time we confront this dangerous cancer spreading by occupying more Arab countries thanks to Barack Obama.

Could Kurdish Missiles Be Fired at Khamenei’s Palaces?


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