From the “I-don’t-believe-it-department” comes this gem of a speech from Hassan Rouhani’s.

Iran’s armed forces are the best defense against “terror” in the Middle East, President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday, urging regional countries not to rely on world powers.

Rouhani said at a massive military parade in Tehran:

“Today, the largest power against intimidation and terror is our armed forces.”

Iran has been terrorizing the region since 1979 when the Islamic Revolution succeeded in deposing the Shah of Iran. Just last week,

Just last week, Iran injected more capital into Hezbollah whose raison d’être rests on destroying Israel.

In the conflict in Syria, Tehran has been a staunch ally of the regime of Baschar al-Assad, a terrorist in his own right, against Western-backed rebels.

“We helped the armies and governments of Iraq and Syria, at their request,” Rouhani said. He forgot to add “in their terror campaigns against their own people.”

“If terrorists start showing up in other regional countries, their only hope is Iran’s army, the Revolutionary Guards, and the Basij (militia). Iran promises to terrorize anyone standing in their way.

Iran considers Syrian civilians and the Free Syrian Army as “terrorists”.

Rouhani added:

“They shouldn’t think that Western or world powers would defend them.”

In other words, forget America and come to pappy. With their proxy terror well-oiled machine, Iran promises to terrorize anyone that stands in their way.

AFP contributed to this article.

Iran Promises to Terrorize Anyone Standing in Their Way

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