Libyans have been helping Syrians to defeat the Assad regime. In fact, many have welcomed this help because the world offered more lip service than action.

But as a result of the senseless killing of Amb. J Christopher Stevens and Information Officer Sean Smith (The only tow known names so far), it is imperative upon the FSA to distance itself from Libya or Libyans fighting with the FSA for our freedom. Ours is a just cause and not one where laws could be broken and Jihadists take it upon themselves to set the country’s direction astray.

It is expected that the Russians will start the “I told you so” diplomacy very shortly. To defend Assad and his Soviet-bred regime, Putin will hijack the narrative to block any attempt by the west to help Syrians. The least Syrians can do is distance themselves quickly from Libya or Libyans at this moment and stop any type of cooperation.

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