FSA Must Respond to Libyan Tragedy

FSA Must Respond to Libyan Tragedy

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Libyans have been helping Syrians to defeat the Assad regime. In fact, many have welcomed this help because the world offered more lip service than action. Considering the US Embassy attack by Libya we believe Assad of Syria has instigated, the FSA must respond to the Libyan tragedy

As a result of the senseless killing of Ambassador J Christopher Stevens and Information Officer Sean Smith — The only two known names so far — it is imperative upon the FSA to distance itself from Libya or Libyans fighting with the FSA for our freedom. Ours is a just cause and not one where we could break laws. All the while Jihadists take it upon themselves to set the country’s direction astray.

The FSA must issue a statement showing it does not stand with the Libyan terrorists, or any other acts of senseless violence. It’s imperative upon the liberal Syria opposition to take a firm stand on this issue. Regardless of the situation on the ground in Syria.


It is expected that the Russians will start their “I told you so” diplomacy very shortly. To defend Assad and his Soviet-bred regime, Putin will hijack the narrative to block any attempt by the west to help Syrians.

The least Syrians can do is distance themselves quickly from Libya at this moment and stop any type of cooperation. Until Syrians opposing Assad understand what’s happening on the ground.

The likeliest of scenarios is that Assad and his Iranian cohorts are in control in Libya. They are the ones who might be spreading violence against US interests as a payback for Syria. Knowing the history of the Assad regime in  sowing violence, this might provide yet the best explanation for what happened in Libya.

Even though Barack Obama has done very little to help Syrians, we must take a stand against violence.

FSA Must Respond to Libyan Tragedy


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