Are Syria and Iran Behind Libyan US Embassy Attack?

Are Syria and Iran Behind Libyan US Embassy Attack?

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Sometime ago, we read in one of the WikiLeaks cables that Assad of Syria and Iran instigated the protests over the cartoons of Mohammad in Denmark. If true, and we should not discount its credibility, then the question we must ask with regard to Libya: Are Syria and Iran behind Libyan US Embassy attack?

Considering the tragedies taking place in Libya and Egypt, it makes a whole lot of sense if Syria and Iran were behind the killing of a US Ambassador because it diverts the attention away from any Arab Spring regime change by arguing that their replacements are worse. In fact, Fox News has dedicated itself to this theme already.


Besides the link, the below excerpt was published by Haaretz in Israel.

The government of Syria was active in organizing the 2006 riots that erupted across the Arab world following the publication of controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, Oslo daily Aftenposten reported Monday, quoting US diplomatic cables released by website WikiLeaks.Haaretz - December 7, 2010

Mind you, there is a big difference between Mubarak and Assad. Mubarak was a friend of the west but Assad is our worst enemy. What better way for Assad to save his skin by directing Sunni anger at the west and blaming an Israeli for making the movie? Even when more investigation showed the filmmaker is a fake and a con artist who adapted an Israeli identity just for that purpose?

What better way for Iran to shed bad light on Arab Sunnis than to put them on display on an international stage as the mad cows of the region?


What is Saudi Arabia doing meanwhile? The al-Sauds may be working the phones and their intelligence services may be pouring over their information to make sense of the puzzle. However, in the grand scheme of things, Saudi Arabia has always been reactive, and not proactive like Iran. It wears the shield and Iran carries the sword.

As for the Muslim Brotherhood, let us  go on record by saying that not only this organization is a cancer, but if Iran is able to manipulate it like this, it’s also not the brightest of organizations.

We doubt if our President, who rarely attends intelligence briefings while he usually arrives at the Oval Office around 9:30am (George Bush was a 7:00 am kind of a guy), will expose the truth on this. In fact, we doubt if any of the media outlets will put the two together (The Mohammad Cartoons and the film) to point the finger at Assad or Iran. It simply does not help Obama’s elections.

Nonetheless, Assad won’t survive whether the west comes to his aid or our aid. Syrians are oblivious to these matters because theirs is a micro world aiming for the basics in human rights and liberties.

Are Syria and Iran Behind Libyan US Embassy Attack?


  • Syriana 11 years ago

    The video was made by convicted Egyptian Probationer Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who had been in jail in the past on both drug charges (meth) and also for ripping off banks of money by using Bad Checks — Now why would a guy like this care about politics? Reminds me of wondering why Jack Ruby would shoot Oswald when Ruby was a low life criminal who ran a Strip Club. The Movie maker Says he got $60,000 from people in Egypt with which he made the movie – he made the video with actors who did not know it was anti-Islam as he and others later over-dubbed the movie with anti-Islam language – Then Christian Copt extremist and vocal Bashar Assad Supporter Morris Sedak put inflammatory Arabic subtitles on it and spread it to Arab World to make trouble for USA for September 11th, which is also Bashar Assad’s Birthday – some pro Assad sites have been promising a big surprise coming for the past few weeks and this setup could be it as Assad knows how easy it is to manipulate the Arab lower classes on matters of Religion – I believe this Whole affair was pre-planned by the iranian and Syrian regimes to hurt the Syrian Revolutionary Movement.

    • The media refuses to point its fingers on Syria and Iran for the time being because of US elections. Our job was to defeat Assad, others placed Iran on top of their list (Like US Republicans and some Western allies). But now, we need first to defeat a President who is protecting the Iranian Mullahs and Assad. After the elections, there will be enough evidence on this issue to force action by the White House from either candidates. Although with Romney, he fully understands what is at stake here and will support the Syrian Revolution with minor tweaks to the Syrian Opposition. That is what I believe. It’s not based on any outside information.
      What is imperative is to defeat Obama because Senator Kerry is already questioning regime change for Syria. Those far left naive politicians are falling straight into Assad’s net.

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