Are Assad Laboratories Preserving COVID-19 For a Rainy Day?

Are Assad Laboratories Preserving COVID-19 For a Rainy Day?

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Assad Modus Operandi is a mystery to many; but to most Syrians, who have tasted the Assad family terror, the predictability of the Assad evil seed is as clear as a perigee moon. Every event, no matter its cause and effect, is an opportunity to further his sycophantic terror. This begs the question: Are Assad laboratories preserving COVID-19 for a rainy day?

Is Assad modifying the coronavirus to become a far deadlier biological weapon? Who needs a nuclear bomb when you can spread a virus like the coronavirus?

You have to remember something: When the world is appalled by the COVID-19 ghastly and debilitating outcome, Assad sees the virus as a blessing to further his hideous goals.


Assad self-preservation comes at a price to the rest of the world. A steep price that some keep ignoring.

Since 2012, we grasped the following reality: Either Assad survives or he unleashes Muslim fanatics to behead westerners on live TV; as well as to threaten the very existence of Israel.

But what happens if this tactic won’t work again in the future? What happens when Assad’s life is on the line due to some inhuman behavior on his part? Don’t you think he would attempt to spread the coronavirus again, or a mutation of it, possibly with an incubation period of three months or more? To use as a weapon against the west to self-preserve as he did by fostering ISIS? Or by dispatching a human wave of refugees to Europe?

Impossible you say? Then ask yourself: Do you think the Russian scientists are missing this opportunity as well to experiment a mutated state of COVID-19 on Syrian prisoners? It’s a contained environment, sealed from the rest of the world, and no one seems to care about these prisoners. The perfect environment to experiment on live people.

So what if the virus might infect Syrians as well? Have you ever heard Donald Trump worry about anyone but himself? Do you think Putin cares?

For Assad, the coronavirus is a biological weapon that most likely he is already harnessing and preserving in his laboratories to one day unleash it again against his enemies. Considering he still maintains a variety of deadly gas, some of which, like sarin, he has used against innocent civilians, preserving the coronavirus for a future biological warfare is not so far-fetched.


Fools are those who think Assad’s laboratories are not working the virus to make it deadlier. Mental Assad is not going to miss this pristine opportunity.

Fools are those who think the coronavirus may not one day spread again courtesy of the psychotic dictator the world seems incapable of removing from this earth. To its own peril, we might add.

Stories by many Syrian opposition activists are beginning to surface about the high rate of infections Syrian prisoners are experiencing. At TFS, we slightly believe Assad is using as guinea pigs for his experiments on a new coronavirus. Our prediction is based on hard behavioral evidence we have witnessed for over 40 years of Assad rule.

Crammed in small cells without ever the possibility of living horizontally due to their sheer numbers, Assad prisons are fertile grounds to kill as many prisoners as he wants through experimentation; without the possibility of the world ever discovering any self incrimination evidence. When dead, just blame the old coronavirus and move on.

Could this be the reason why the number of cases of coronavirus infections in Syria are a mystery? That number is also an opportunity for Assad.

If Assad is preserving, testing, or experimenting with the coronavirus, as could be the Russians using the Syrian prisoners, then the world has a responsibility to act. Even if the chance is infinitesimally small, do we really want to take any risks for another pandemic?

It’s not hard to answer this question.

Are Assad Laboratories Preserving COVID-19 For a Rainy Day?


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