What Should Happen to Assad Backers?

What Should Happen to Assad Backers?

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One reason Assad has survived for so long is mostly due to the backing of Syrians who have been generously paid for their services or who have supported Assad out of ideology believing that his savagery is the answer to their liberty.

What should happen to Assad backers and who are they?

Let us categorize them to answer these questions.

What Should Happen to Assad Backers? The Criminal Elements

In another Blog, we estimated that the criminal elements within the Assad circle who have killed and maimed civilians whether they gave the orders or administered them could number anywhere between 150 to 1,000 criminals. They are officer in Assad’s army, torturers, pilots dropping barrel bombs, or chemical experts preparing sarin or chlorine gas. Anyone who had a hand in ordering, causing or administering crimes against humanity will have to pay for their deeds. This is a non-negotiable matter.

If any Western country is thinking to provide Assad and his cohorts protection from international laws, they will only attract suicide bombers and terrorists from all around the world (Arab version of a legitimate and organized Mossad pursuing Nazi criminals). We hope every Western would have enough common sense not to protect or give these criminals any refuge.

What Should Happen to Assad Backers? The Top 1%

With billions pilfered (See “The Assad family Embezzled $62 Billion from Syria“), Assad helped Syrian businessmen have access to billions of dollars to invest on his behalf in real estates holdings and companies around the world. Whether they are 5-start hotels, large office complexes, or global brand restaurants like “Buddha Bar”, the Assad family fingerprints are established through a small circle of Syrian businessmen like Jamal Daniel, Othman al-Aedi, and many others (RPS is building a database of Assad backers it will publish online soon).

What will or may happen to these individuals will depend on their access to Syrian funds pilfered, which will require an elaborate audit system if the paper trail is available. At the end of the day, all Syrian funds pilfered by the Assad regime should be returned to rebuild the nation. Otherwise, the West may have to foot the bill.

What Should Happen to Assad Backers? The Civilian Minorities

No harm should come to any minorities; however, it is important to note here that the Alawite elites who have been accorded special status and whose respect for the law has been quite missing may have to be injected with a reality serum in order to wipe the smug off their faces.

Their lawlessness (They just beat up peaceful Druze students in Latakya) must be curbed using force if necessary; until they accept their new status of law abiding citizens like everyone else.

What Should Happen to Assad Backers? The Agents & The Spies

Many Assad agents and spies in Syria are meeting their fate at the hands of the rebels. Those living in the West must answer to their support if the local laws permit such usurp. At the least they should be shunned by the Syrian Diaspora communities for spying against their own people. Syrians should also publicize their past activities as widely as possible.


Now, we realize it is too early to approach this subject and our answers provide the most optimistic of scenarios. That our wish list, ideas, and hopes may all be dashed because one influential country or another may thwart any effort for Syria to coalesce into a new civilized society.

Nonetheless, many Syrians, in spite of all the handicaps they faced and the pitfalls they endured, answering the question “what should happen to Assad backers” feed into their hope for a new and peaceful Syria to coexist with all its neighbors and to fight terror instead of making it its largest industry.

Dreams or not, our words of today may matter in the future even if they do not come to fruition.

Let history be the witness of well-intended Syrians.

What Should Happen to Assad Backers


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