Remember when the administration of President Bush used to appeal to Assad not to let Syria’s borders become a passage for Jihadists trained by the Assad regime to kill US troops in Iraq? This news item below comes to us with a reversal of roles:

“Syria News, a regime-run television station, has warned Swedes against fighting in the Syrian civil war, reports Sweden’s TV4 News. The Syria News clip warns that Swedish “mercenaries” will meet a “fate darker than the night” and will be “crushed on Syria‘s noble ground”. 

The statement is seen as a response to a recruitment video that appeared on YouTube in November 2012. The video encouraged Swedish Muslims to join the fight against the Syrian regime. It was posted on YouTube by a group calling itself the Swedish holy warriors in Syria (Svenska Mujahideen Fi Ash Sham).” 

This reversal of roles is especially bittersweet for all the families who lost their loved ones in Iraq when Assad dispatched his terror machines that caused the death of 4,804 American lives. Assad is paying dearly for his mistakes and none are coming soon enough.

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