The El Bizarro World of al-Jazeera

The El Bizarro World of al-Jazeera

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What would you say if al-Jazeera English published pro-Jewish data (Not just pro-Jewish but pro-settlers Jewish data) knowing well that al-Jazeera Arabic programming publishes incessantly anti-Israel, pro-Islamist information and propaganda? This is the El Bizarro World of al-Jazeera TV station in Qatar.

Would this fall into the world of bizarre? Or would you consider such an oxymoron to be part of the settled beauty of the Arab world? One that is running in all directions led by horsemen wearing gold-plated shiny armors?

Scan this English story published December 8 titled: “The demographic success of Israel’s settlement project“. We say scan because the Qatari TV published it as an infograph, which uses fancy and appealing images. No boring statistical tables or data.

In this instance, al-Jazeera was trying to make an anti-Mahmoud Abbas point; but along the way made a pro-Israeli settler point promoting their success of really deciding how and when a two-State solution will be formed or will look like, if any. Like we said, the el bizarro world of al-Jazeera.

If anyone were a pro-settler Jew, anything that shows a two-State solution as either an anomaly or a fact controlled by Israel and not the Palestinians, one would welcome anything from al-Jazeera. In fact, they would bask in it as long as they can.

Al-Jazeera TV is Run by the Muslim Brotherhood

Was this an attempt to rally the Islamist troops against Israel? Not really, since al-Jazeera published it in English only (Those pesky bearded men have little use for the infidel language of English).

Meanwhile, in Arabic, al-Jazeera has been pro-Islamist almost since its inception. Most of the upper management are pro-Muslim Brotherhood staff or unofficial members of the organization.

In English, al-Jazeera subtly promotes what the Jewish settlers have turned the West Bank into. However, in Arabic, the Qatari TV is supporting and promoting the Islamist doctrine whose words are as anti-Israel and anti-Semitic as they come. In fact, the leadership in Qatar today is squarely behind destabilizing the future of Syria by supporting a State ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood (Syrians won’t forget that).

Why would al-Jazeera take the two roads that never intersect?

Is it to show it’s a news independent organization or is this a form of Taqqyeh to appease its critics?

Either way, welcome to the carpet trading Arab world entrusted to the camel-lots of our times. This Arab bazaar has adopted languages to show how flexible the principles of the Arab ruling elites are.

Could al-Jazeera be planning next a pro-abortion campaign for celibate Muslim women it will publish in French only?

The El Bizarro World of al-Jazeera


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