Putin Has Ordered an April Vote Despite Threat of Coronavirus

Putin Has Ordered an April Vote Despite Threat of Coronavirus

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered an April vote on constitutional amendments, which would allow him to run again for president, on April 22, the Kremlin said on Tuesday, despite the spread of the coronavirus.

The dictator is putting his own people at risk just to extend his stay in power beyond his constitutional right. Where did we hear that one before? Risking a whole country for one person to retain power?

The amendments, if passed, would allow Putin to run again despite the current constitutional ban. There had been speculation the vote would be postponed due to the coronavirus.

Putin told Ella Pamfilova, head of the Central Election Commission, at a meeting:

And yet, bearing in mind the difficult epidemiological situation in the world… which is not as acute as in other countries, but nevertheless affects our country, we will hold this vote only if this situation allows such event to be carried out.


Russia not experiencing dire coronavirus consequences is a mirage and a lie. The country shares with China borders that stretch over 4,200 kilometers.

As of now, the constitution requires that Putin steps down in 2024 when his second sequential and fourth presidential term ends. The proposed constitutional changes would open the door for him to remain in power until 2036. After which, Putin would likely amend it again to remain in power until 2048. Democracy Russian-style.

Russia has reported 114 cases of coronavirus so far and no deaths. But many question the Russian coronavirus data it is reporting to the World Health Organization the same way they questioned Vladimir Putin doping his athletes and lying about it despite overwhelming evidence.

Putin said that he would postpone the vote if the situation demands it.

Don’t bet on that.

Putin Has Ordered an April Vote Despite Threat of Coronavirus


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