Is Russia Under Reporting its Coronavirus Cases?

Is Russia Under Reporting its Coronavirus Cases?

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The coronavirus’ impact has shaken the very foundation of globalization like no other affliction. For some countries, reporting their domestic cases of the virus contagious nature is a responsibility they cannot escape. But for others, whose own economies are already reeling from low oil prices, reporting the virus presents an opportunity to cheat. Just as they cheat when injecting their athletes with illegal enhancing drugs. Is Russia under reporting its coronavirus cases?

The coronavirus panic is distressing world economies to the tune of tens of billions of lost revenues. Some fragile economies, like Russia’s, cannot afford the impact of any further hardship or strain. So, the cheating becomes a national security issue. A do or die matter that leaves them no choice but to under report.


One of the strangest data one can find is in the Russian reporting, which claimed 20 cases in total as of March 11, 2020, but no death. The misinformation is too obvious when one considers some facts about the Russian-Chinese trade, borders length, and the cacophony surrounding their amiable relations.

Only 20 cases for a country with 145m citizens whose borders with China extend over 4,200 Kilometers (6th longest in the world) is simply unreal. Especially when both countries boast some brisk trade between them. To the tune of $107 billion as of 2018, and with expectations to grow it to $200 billion by 2024.

Italy, on the other hand, has reported 10,149 case for the same date even though both Italy and China share no borders, and even though trade between both countries is limited to $48.25 as of 2018. Less than half the Russia-China trade.

How does one explain 10,149 cases as opposed to 20 cases for half the trade? If one assumes a linear curve, one should estimate the Russian real coronavirus cases to be upward of 23,000 cases.

The stats Russia is reporting to WHO simply don’t make any sense.


Vladimir Putin could care less about the Russian people. Just as Assad could care less about Syrians. For few to die to protect his economy from further devastating erosion is, in reality, a very small price to pay. True to form for a real Stalinist stand.

Therefore, the issue of Russia under reporting its coronavirus cases becomes a global responsibility. Someone with stature and knowledge should stand up to defy the Russian reporting. Every logical conclusion, from any angle one assumes, highlights egregiously Russia, once again, cheating the world.

Where is the European Union? Where is the United Nations? And where is Donald Trump?

Heck, the world would settle for Donald Duck if the realDonald is too busy golfing.

Is Russia Under Reporting its Coronavirus Cases?


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