Meghan McCain Confronted Tulsi Gabbard on ABC’s The View

Meghan McCain Confronted Tulsi Gabbard on ABC’s The View

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On ABC’s “The View”, Meghan McCain confronted Tulsi Gabbard for meeting with Assad and becoming his apologist. McCain is the daughter of the late hero Senator John McCain. The confrontation was friendly but firm. Meghan McCain is just like her father. Courageous, smart, and upright.

When Meghan McCain confronted Tulsi Gabbard, she told her:

When I hear the name Tulsi Gabbard, I think of Assad apologist. I think of someone who comes back to the United States and is spouting propaganda from Syria… You have said that the Syrian president, Assad, is not the enemy of the United States yet he’s used chemical weapons against his own people 300 times… It’s hard for me to understand where you come from, from a humanitarian standpoint if you were to become president.


Previously, the Washington Post wrote an Op-Ed on Gabbard calling her Assad mouthpiece in Washington. Here is an excerpt:

The Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria has had a quiet but well-funded lobbying effort in Washington since well before he began murdering his own people. But that influence campaign’s clearest triumph came only this month, when it succeeded in bringing Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) to Damascus and having her parrot Assad’s propaganda on her return.

In Syria, Gabbard met with Assad under false pretenses that she cared about the Syrian people. The Khawam brothers, Assad agents living in Ohio, funded her trip. The Washington Post article explains what she became after her visit with Assad:

Upon her return, Gabbard referenced those Syrians in interviews and op-eds to reinforce her long-held opposition to what she calls the U.S. “regime change” policy in Syria. She also asserted there are no moderate rebels in Syria and that the United States is funding and arming al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. Neither is true, but both match the talking points that the Assad regime has been pushing for the entirety of the war.

Principled opposition to U.S. intervention in Syria is one thing. Becoming a tool of a mass murderer’s propaganda and influence campaign is another. Gabbard’s cooperation with the Syrian regime damages her effort to promote herself as a legitimate foreign policy voice.

Tulsi really believed she could visit a mass murderer, and then run for the presidency without anyone noticing. She thought no one would notice when she became his mouthpiece. Until Tulsi Gabbard was confronted by Meghan McCain on ABC’s The View.


The Hawaiian native damaged herself in ways she can not yet imagine. Gabbard believed sitting with a mass murderer in a trip funded by his agents would project her as a leader. In fact, it showed her true colors of how naive she is and how unfit she is. She does not realize how repeating, like a parrot, Assad talking points makes her look weak.

She truly thinks people are going to vote for her because she looks good on camera.

They all want to be President of the United States, but they have no idea the courage it takes to become an active President totally in sync with protecting our interests abroad and capable of making, under duress, the toughest of decisions.

Tulsi Gabbard does not have the temperament for this kind of toughness when she ass-kisses brutal dictators publicly.

Recently, we had one of those Presidents in Office who looked the other way during the most brutal wars since WWII.

He played Golf instead of facing global challenges like Russia annexing Crimea and Assad gassing Women and children.

As President, what would Gabbard do when Assad tortures, gasses, and murders en masse his own people again? What would she do if Putin interferes again in our elections this time at the State levels knowing she is just another Barack Obama wearing a dress?

Dance the Hula in favor of peace?

Meghan McCain Confronted Tulsi Gabbard on ABC’s The View


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