Daft as a Brush

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It won’t be long before the Syrian people dance on Assad’s grave. How to get there seems to be the only question yet to be answered. Assad has been daft as a brush when it comes to acknowledging his exit is mandatory.

If you ask me, though, between the raw anger of my people, the exasperation of the west, the resentment of the Lebanese, the indignation of the Iraqis, the antipathy of the Israelis, the distrust of the Jordanians, and the temper of the Turks, they will all converge upon the regime in one concerted and deadly effort. The region has run out of patience for the savageries of Assad and his daftness.

Assad is hiding behind two skirts today. The Russian skirt providing him with weapons and radar systems to protect its interests in the Tartous Naval Base and the Iranians providing him with manpower and tactics to suppress the Rebellion. Without either, Assad, and the 100 top security men and high officers in his army would all be hanging from the Omayyad Square in Damascus. But Russia and Iran cannot forever stand in the way of the corked anger of the international community. Their interests will suffer indirectly from the intangibles their silence invites or their support encourages.

How do I see the end? A concerted D-Day attack from the North by Turkey’s armies, from the East by Special US Forces, from the South by an Arab army led by the Jordanians, and from the West by NATO Naval Forces led by a joint American-French fleet. Only then Assad will surrender, his security men will flee, and the Shabeeha will hide in the mountains to escape revenge. 

Why do I see it happen even though all signals point to nothing more than more sanctions and more isolationist policies?

Because at one point in time, any president, any prime minister, or any ruler will have to accept that being cornered is not as bad as being painted as someone who watched a Genocide on their watch and did nothing but spew words of comfort.

At one point, Obama is going to get sick hearing about Assad and he will have no choice but to act. That moment is upon us today. Assad’s days are numbered.

Daft as a Brush


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