When Western Technology aids in Killing Innocent Syrians, It is Hard to Turn a Blind Eye

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Since Bloomberg broke the story against AREA SpA, an Italian technology firm who is working around the clock, as we speak, to finish installation of the latest German, British, American, and Italian technologies with the single aim of hunting down innocent Syrians, it is really hard to turn a blind eye to this egregious act of unconscious behavior.Â

It is one thing to be neutral but quite another when western companies become tools of Genocide against civilians; especially when the governments they are aiding are known for their terror.Â

Utimaco says it has sold AREA SpA its technology and not to Syria. Since Utimaco is a German concern, Germany, of all countries, should be even more consciousness of how their technology is sold oversees; and maybe Utimaco CEO (Steve Munford above) and Board of Directors should visit a Holocaust Museum to understand how easy it is to kill innocent civilians en masse. Â

AREA SpA has yet to comment on the subject and it seems the Italian government has yet to address the illegality of their activities.Â

My question is the following: Why does the west complain about Islamic extremism and terror when it turns a blind eye when western firms help Assad kill innocent Syrians? Do western governments believe that aiding simultaneously and openly the Muslim Brotherhood is like a confession to a priest? Â

Please, can someone explain these policies to me because I really fail to see the point, the goals, or the benefits from a two-prong attack against innocent civilians who want the same freedom we all enjoy abundantly?Â


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