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Western civilization, through its advanced sciences, is working on saving humanity while Islamic civilization forbids the use of mathematics in simple matters

Washington DC – September 23, 2009 (Farid Ghadry Blog) -�To fully grasp the vast gap existing between two civilizations on earth, the Islamic civilization and the Judeo-Christian one, we owe it to ourselves to understand what both are engaged in to survive, prosper, and advance human learning and co-existence.

And since this is the end of the Eid el Fitr period when Muslims the world over celebrate their pious servitude during Ramadan, it is only befitting to compare both civilizations within their apogamic�behavior.

Not too long ago, I read a scientific essay about a dying sun called Mira. By accident, NASA scientists studying its region some 350 light years away using the recently launched Galex specialized telescope discovered that Mira was burning out. Pictures were taken showing the planet leaving a trail of dust and gases some 13 light years long (light travels 186,000 miles per second – for those interested in math, 13 light years is 1 trillion 260 billion miles).

Since Mira was a sun similar to our own, scientists working for NASA were able to produce evidence that our own sun will, in 5 billion years, meet the same fate as Mira through a sudden expansion, trailing through space, and eventual explosion.

But prior to this ill-fated end, the sun will, in one billion year, increase in temperature to the point that life on earth will die and our own oceans will become highly saline rendering life impossible on earth.

Now to our own civilization.

During this end of Ramadan season, it is only natural to look at one aspect of how Muslim scholars view sciences within the context of Islam (In many ways our Muslim scholars are equivalent to western scientists since our own scientists mostly work in western countries where facilities and freedom are afforded). Incidentally, the beginning of Ramadan is decided upon sighting of the moon in the sky.

Within that context, in Saudi Arabia today, calculating mathematically the start of the month of Ramadan is forbidden. Shariah dictates observation by the naked eye but alternatively, one can view the moon through a telescope if necessary. The use or non use of mathematics to calculate a simple annual event, as you will come to see, has far deeper consequences as to whether Islam will survive at all given the advancement of the Judeo-Christian civilization.

Now, back to their civilization.

As a result of discovering that in one billion year life on earth will cease to exist as a result of the sun sudden increase in temperature, believe it or not, some American scientists (one is Chris McKay of NASA) have started mapping out how and to what planet humans should migrate to in order to survive the certainty to befell humanity.

In 2007, the NASA Phoenix probe, discovered that Mars contained a large amount of ice below its crust. Out of the 20 or so requirements making life on earth possible (oxygen, water, mobile tectonic plates, density, etc..), Mars has the potential, according to these scientists, to accommodate life as we know it on that planet with a little help from humans.

A very preliminary plan has been drawn to make Mars habitable. Since Mars is further away from the sun than earth and its average temperature is -81F, scientists plan to construct carbon dioxide factories on Mars to create a global greenhouse effect to heat the planet. And since Mars has no water on its surface (Water exists deep below its crust) and no oxygen, scientists plan to help extricate water to the surface by directing a large asteroid to hit its poles at high speed. With water erupting, oxygen and nitrogen, also plentiful below the crust, will fill the atmosphere. Many asteroids must be directed at Mars to produce the amount of water and oxygen as well as to tilt Mars on its axis to produce the four seasons we experience on earth.

Regardless whether this plan is feasible or not, the fact remains that western civilization has produced human ingenuity and knowledge to enable them to create an environment on Mars conducive to life.

Now, let’s compare.

While our Muslim scholars appear on al-Jazeera to extol the virtues of suicide bombers with the single aim to kill and maim, western scientists are spending time and energy on how to save mankind.

While we issue Fatwas not to allow mathematics, the universal language of sciences and knowledge, to be used for simple calculations, western scientists are using mathematics�to save humanity some one billion years from now.

While we resort to condemning the Judeo-Christian civilization as invaders, crusaders, and infidels, western civilization is busy solving problems it foresees affecting all humanity.

While we see danger in Israel living on a land 1/300 the size of all Arab lands combined, NASA is seeking Israeli scientists in learning more about the planet Mars and so many other scientific endeavors created by Israeli scientists.

While violent dictators like Assad promote resistance, thousands of Syrian scientists have no edifice to help humanity the way Israeli scientists do.

While Arab dictators acquire unproductive goods for their own self satisfaction (Al-Thani of Qatar purchased the most expensive apartment in the world at 200 million British pound), Arab and Muslim scientists lack the research facilities to help our civilization.

While Hezbollah and Hamas terrorize their own people and others simply to dismantle the very same knowledge we need to survive, western organizations provide an important supportive role to their scientific community to promote knowledge and harmony.

While Muslim men fight to safeguard their inferiority under a set of rule invented in the 7th century, US servicemen are forced to fight to safeguard their superiority, which helps all mankind, including the Islamic civilization.

While women in Saudi Arabia play no role in their civilization and are forced to serve men, women in western countries help propel their civilization to new heights of advancement.

While Muslims exclude and oppress because their inferiority can offer no advantages, Judeo-Christians include and cooperate with anyone who has something worthy of their superiority to offer.

Do you now see why we fight to save Syria from the doom of the Assad regime? Or why Iranians fight to save their country from the Ahmadinajead rule?

Do you now see why freedom, democracy, and human rights are essential ingredients as the first step to free our people from the shackles of ignorance?

Do you now see why western diplomats who help perpetuate our sub-existence are not helping their own civilization?

Do you now see why short-term benefits can never be worth the long-term costs to both civilizations?

Do you now see why accountability propels nations to new heights while oppressive rulers diminish human value and participation?

Islam, as a civilization, is doomed if it remains shrouded in such ignorance and Middle East dictators remain in power to perpetuate corruption, promote insipidity instead of ingenuity, and nourish their own selfishness instead of public sacrifice.


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